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Polytechnic is a technical institute which imparts technical education in India. Polytechnics are not affiliated to any university but are recognized by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). They offer 3 Year duration diploma courses in engineering.

The courses are designed in such a way that the students are able to perform basic engineering tasks. The diploma holders in engineering are generally employed as supervisors or junior engineers in the companies.

The different branches / trades offered in polytechnic colleges are

Diploma in Automobile Engineering
2. Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering
3. Diploma in Agricultural Engineering
4. Diploma in Apparel Design Engineering
5. Diploma in Architecture Engineering
6. Diploma in Architecture Assistantship
7. Diploma in Bio Medical Engineering
8. Diploma in Biotechnology
9. Diploma in Business Administration
10. Diploma in Ceramic Technology
11. Diploma in Chemical Engineering
12. Diploma in Civil Engineering
13. Diploma in Commercial Practice (English)
14. Diploma in Computer Science Engineering
15. Diploma in Electrical Engineering
16. Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering
17. Diploma in Fashion Technology
18. Diploma in Handloom Technology
19. Diploma in Industrial & Production Engineering
20. Diploma in Instrumentation Technology
21. Diploma in Interior Decoration
22. Diploma in Library Science
23. Diploma in Marine Engineering
24. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
25. Diploma in Mechatronics
26. Diploma in Modern Office Practice
27. Diploma in Secretarial Practice 
28. Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering
29. Diploma in Textile Technology
30. Diploma in  Electronics & Communication

For more information about other diploma courses
Send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Be Careful before you decide the branch !!!
Meet students who are pursuing diploma to know more about each branch. Also meet professionals (successful ones) to get their views about Diploma and further studies. No website or magazine will give the latest & inside details as much as a professional can give you. So think before you think whom to ask !!

The Advantages of 3 year Polytechnic Diploma

1. The 3 year polytechnic diploma makes a student half engineer.
2. It's the best option for students keen on studying technical subjects immediately after school.
3. More exposure to technical world compared to PUC students, tajen to 2 year Engineering. This path is less competitive to get into Engineering compared to the path of PUC-->CET-->Engg
4. A diploma degree will be sufficient for junior engineering jobs
5. Successful candidates can set up their own industry
6. Excellent job opportunities un gulf countries
7. Campus recruitment in selected Government Polytechnics. You can be into MNC's just 3 year after school while for others it's a wait of 6 years (2 yrs PUC+3 or 4 yrs of Graduation)



1. Tight Schedule of Exams: The 3 year Diploma course is divided into 6 semesters with every  semester having at least 2 internals exams !!. This puts you on very challenging schedule
2. Coaching facilities in most colleges is average due to lack of committed faculty who  are now moving to industry
3. Except a few colleges, most of the colleges lack good facilities.

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