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Diploma in Interior Decoration

Overview :
The Diploma course in Interior Design & Decoration is an in-depth course that covers the fundamentals of interior design and decoration, preparing you for a career in the interior design industry. Any interior design consultant working with interior spaces must have the skill and ability to select appropriate colour and style details, as this is the only way to create interior schemes that are visually attractive and coherent.                                                                            

Skills Required :
To do interior Decoration effectively, you need to have a thorough understanding of the elements of style and design, so that you can successfully deconstruct and reconstruct any style effectively, making changes and adaptations to reflect the individual preferences of your client.

Nature of Job :
On successful completion of this course you will be able to provide clients with design solutions that are as practical as they are visually pleasing, and you will have sufficient skills and knowledge to implement your changes successfully.

Syllabus :
The curriculum details are also listed below for your convenience. Essentially, there are 20 lessons in this course, which are grouped together under the following collection of modules:            

1. Colour
2. Style & design
3. Surface finishes
4. Curtains & soft furnishings
5. Lighting
6. Professional presentation
7. Final project


Eligibility & Admission :
Do you have a burning desire to help people decorate their homes? Are you the one who everyone comes to when they need help figuring out what color to paint the kitchen and how to arrange the accessories? Do you long to have a career that will allow you to use your creativity?

If so, interior design may be the best decision you will ever make!

Job Prospects :
On successful completion of this course you may work freelance (self-employed), by offering consultancy services directly to individual clients, or you may investigate other opportunities for employment including the following...

1. Designing show-homes for builders & property developers        
2. Advising clientele & providing shopping services in specialised furniture and furnishings stores
3. Working with kitchen and bathroom manufacturers to help clients plan their space effectively
4. Larger interior design and architectural practices may also hire you to work alongside more
    senior personnel.

In addition to your qualification, one of the best tools you can have to help you impress potential clients and/or employers is a strong portfolio, which is what you will have on completion of this course.
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