A Career in Computer Application

Bachelors in Computer Application has been a very popular degree in our country for a while. The reason for that obviously being that it opens up good career prospects and job opportunities. The IT Sector has grown because lakhs of computer professionals working tirelessly in sync with the boom caused by the Information Technology Revolution which even after decades refuses to die down. In general, computer applications professionals design and develop software and computer applications, help implement and test software, and write instruction booklets for potential users of the software. There are two different types of software developers; applications software developers, and systems software developer. Application software developers create software that will just fulfill or conduct a specific task for the user. These types of software may include databases, spreadsheets, word processors and games. Whereas, Systems software developers create the software that compose an operating system, necessary for computer operations. Both kinds of developers usually work together during projects to create the perfect final picture. A BCA degree can be followed by a Masters in Computer Application. The minimum requirement for the course would be mathematics in your 10+2 which would mean even commerce students can apply and study this course.


Skills Required:

As a computer application professional your most important skill would be your ability to code. The best coders make it big. If you are bad at coding your survival in the industry is very hard. There are numerous languages that you could learn. Some of them are a must know but most of them aren’t. But every extra language you know the better. So knowing a good number of languages help. As a coder you will need significant amounts of patience. One letter one word could bring your entire program down. That requires you also to have good concentration levels and commitment.



This is approximately what you can expect from the Bachelor’s Programme. This ofcourse could vary.

1st Sem

  • Fundamentals of Computer Application
  • Mathematics
  • Communication skills in English
  • Internet and Multimedia
  • C Programming


2nd Sem

  • Computer Organization and Architecture
  • Database Management
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Object Oriented Programming (C++)
  • Data and File structure

3rd Sem

  • Linux
  • Assemblers and Compilers
  • Visual Basic
  • Oracle 8i and Distributed Database
  • Accounting and Financial Management

4th Sem

  • Java Programming
  • Web Site Management and Design
  • Management Process and Organization Behavior
  • Software Management & Quality Assurance
  • VC++

5th Sem

  • Understanding PC components and Preventive Maintenance
  • Installing and Configuring Windows 2000
  • Computational Numerical Analysis
  • Operating System
  • Markup Language and C# Programming

6th Sem

  • Network Topology and Protocol
  • Data Warehousing and Data Mining
  • Algorithms
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Project



These are some of the most famous colleges in the country offering the course.




Job Prospects:

After graduation you can seek employment in public and private sectors like banking, insurance, accounting, stock markets, e-commerce and marketing. Teaching jobs in universities and colleges can also be a lucrative career option.

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