I need GST rates and record managing tips here?

Ask AmeenCategory: QuestionsI need GST rates and record managing tips here?
Tharani asked 2 years ago

My friend gets some of the business ideas in India. He pays the tax payment and using the software for tax as.  I am getting some ideas from him about the business process. I’m doing some things to start a new business. My daughter wants to start a hospital to help people. He completed MBBS studies and is getting good training. I have got land near my house. So I decided to build her medicine. GST is applicable to medical products and other tools. Because I have finished business studies and tax related information also. So I want to get all financial related things in my hand. So tell the exact details and precise method for calculating GST rates for those products. If I want to start business where can I get the GST registration form? What is it and what are the benefits are offered for that work? My friend and my relatives help start a new business in my city.
Do you have a registration at GST address? I need all the details and what I need. Explain me to be understandable. I need clear and good explanation. I found an appropriate business in my city online. But I’m getting some issues to start with it. My father told me to change that place, start it up. But I cannot change my job and interest for learning. So I have decided my daughter’s dream really. I have taken steps to run the clinic. So I ask you to ask the doctor about the GST record. And I want to buy things in the business-related GST ratio. It’s given some ideas to start my new business. You can receive your messages via e-mail, so share that information in my message box. Submit the special information and related details in online here