Ministry of Minority Affairs

Ministry of Minority Affairs


Duration of Program : Varies

Any Specific Socio Economic Group : Minority youth

The programme aims at improving the socio-economic conditions of minorities and providing basic amenities to them for improving the quality of life of the people and reducing imbalances in the identified minority concentration areas during the 12th Five Year Plan period. The projects to be taken up under MsDP would be related to the provision of better infrastructure for education, skill development, health, sanitation, pucca housing, roads, drinking water, besides schemes for creating income generating opportunities. The objective of the scheme would be to fill the gaps in the existing schemes of the Govt. of India by providing additional resources and to take up non-gap filling projects (innovative projects) for the welfare of the minorities.

This initiative will be a joint effort of the Centre and the States/UTs for inclusive growth accelerate development process and improve the quality of life of the people. The scheme aims at focused development programmes for backward minority concentration areas to help reduce imbalances and speed up development.


Duration of Program : Minimum 3 months

Any Specific Socio Economic Group : Minority group

According to latest Report of National Sample Survey Organization – 61st Round (2004-05) published in March 2007, self employment in the Rural areas–in agriculture as well as non agriculture – was the main statue for the Religious Groups. In 2004-05, 26% of Muslims and 35% of Christians depended on “self employment in agriculture”, whereas in “self employment in non-agriculture sector”, 28% of Muslims and 15% of Christians were involved.


  • To conserve and update traditional skills of minorities and establish their linkages with market.
  • To improve employability of existing workers, school dropouts etc. and ensure their placement.
  • To develop potential human resource for the country.
  • To enable minorities to avail opportunities in the growing market.

Ministry of Minority Affairs will take up skill development programme for Modular Employable Skills (MES) which are approved by National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT). The MES courses approved by NCVT include majority of traditional skills being practiced by the minority communities e.g. Embroidery, Chikankari, Zardosi, Patch work, Gem and Jewelry, Weaving, Wooden works, Leather goods, Brass metal works, Glass wares, Carpet etc. Moreover, other courses approved by NCVT may also be taken up in a particular State or region depending on the demand and local market potential. This would help, on one hand to conserve the traditional arts and crafts practiced by minorities and on the other hand empower the minority communities to face the marketchallenges and avail opportunities.


Any Specific Socio Economic Group : Minority youth

The existing concessional credit line of NMDFC has been bifurcated into two streams:-

Credit Line 1:- is the existing stream of concessional credit, being disbursed on the basis of existing income limits (₹81,000 p.a for rural areas & ₹1.03 lacs in urban areas), at the same concessional interest rate p.a.(TL-6%, EL-3%, MF-7%) although the quantum of credit has been increased (Max Limit of ₹10.00 lacs to ₹20.00 lacs under TL, ₹50,000 to ₹1.00 lac under MF & ₹10.00 lacs to ₹15.00 lacs under EL scheme) keeping in view the inflationary pressures & field level demand brought out in the Impact Study & Beneficiary Verification reports.

Credit Line 2 :- concessional credit is provided to the section of Minority population with annual family income of up to ₹6.00 lacs, defined on the basis of “Creamy Layer” criterion of OBC by Government of India. It will get concessional credit at a higher rate of interest (Max – 8% for males, 6% for females under TL; 10% for males & 8% for females under MF; 8% for males & 5% for females under EL) than available under Credit Line – 1 and will be considered for all schemes of skill development, vocational education training & women empowerment being run by Maulana Azad National Academy for Skills (MANAS).

The parameters of Credit line – 2 will normally be applicable for the training program under MANAS as well as its collaborators. However, persons interested from the Credit Line -1 with lower annual family income criterion, will also be considered for higher quantum of loan with higher interest rates, depending on their suitability, on case to case basis.


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