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ITI in Domestic House Keeping

ITI in Domestic House Keeping

ITI In Domestic House Keeping

Domestic House-keeping is a house and management craftsman trade. The duration of the trade is six months with one semester. Housekeeping is a management of duties and chores such as running of a household, such as cleaning, cooking, home maintenance, shopping, bill pay and the like other house works. Trade is an important in offering many household jobs to candidates after its successful passing. Trade is very good in service sectors. After passing trade, students with good academic record can go for higher studies like Diploma and Bachelor Degree courses.

Skills Required

  • Students should be known of cleaning rooms and other interior and outside areas; and maintaining guest rooms.
  • They should be able to replenish cleaning supplies and paper products in rest rooms; and understanding of maintaining rooms in a clean and presentable fashion.
  • They also should be known of able to give accurate room service to guests along with understanding of operating cleaning equipment.


Trade Practical

  • Familiarization with the domestic housekeeping areas and its importance. Importance about the safety and precaution to be observed while handling the housekeeping equipment and using materials.
  • Group Discussion and practice with demonstration on importance of personal hygiene. Motivating Individual on personal hygiene.
  • Importance of exercise, rest, sleep, and good grooming. Demonstration on Harmful effect of dust. Check the importance of proper ventilation and lighting. Basic first aid idea.
  • Demonstration on the component of personal hygiene health hazard associated to the habit and recognizing the positive and negative trends in the community. Dusting, sweeping, mopping and scrubbing etc. Cleaning of various metals.
  • Cleaning of floor surface, glass, plastic, walls, leather and other common surfaces and house hold wooden furniture. Proper use and application of various cleaning equipment such as brushes, grooms, grip spray (bottle).vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaning equipment.
  • Application of strain removal process on different surface such as clothes and walls. Use of deodorants disinfectants and antiseptics.
  • Application of strain removal process on different surface such as clothes and walls. Use of deodorants disinfectants and antiseptics.
  • Demonstration ‘of periodic cleaning of electrical items, glass surface, plastic, leather, wall and wall finishes.
  • Application of kitchen hygiene such as storage of food grain and cooked foods. Proper ventilation, light, cleaning equipment/utensils. Recognize symptoms and signs of food borne disease. Identify the kitchen related personnel hygienic factor.
  • Practice on the prevention of different type of the pollution such as Air, water and noise.
  • Skill acquire in prevention of various pest control such as:- mosquitoes, house flies, Cockroaches and termite.
  • Check office waste disposal:-its collection, transportation and disposal etc. Check water conservation facilities provided.
  • Treat and purify the drinking water. Application of housing sanitation.
  • Energy conservation method adopted and utilized.
  • Observation of psychology of child. Taking care of children’ in private house hold. Attentive to their activities. Assist children in bathing, feeding and dressing. Washing and ironing their garments. Visit to different crazes and children care units.  
  • Practice on measuring body temperature. First Aid treatment for wounds and burns and basic shock treatments.
  • Application on preparing and administering ORS liquid during dehydration (vomiting, diarrhoeas etc. Ability to contact emergency personnel-Doctor, fire brigade, Ambulance, blood bank, hospital etc.
  • Carry out fire preventive activities after identifying fire risk area in the house. Detect source of fire. Operation of fire alarm.

Trade Theory

  • Basic knowledge about domestic house-keeping. Domestic culture and ability, person development and communication.
  • Definition of Hygiene and introduction of its importance in home. Factor influencing health and healthy leaving.
  • Scientific principle related to maintenance of normal circulation and normal respiration. Basic preventive health care and ailment.
  • Introduction to hygiene and healthful living. Concept of health and disease. Personal hygiene. Care of skin, hair, hand, teeth and feet. Cleaning, methods, frequency and schedule.
  • Cleaning AGENTS: – Type, function, storage and selection. Familiarization to various kinds of small and mechanical cleaning equipments. Basic knowledge of carpet and floor cleaning.
  • Basic knowledge of strain removing agents and its technique on different surface Removal of strain of common occurrence from various surfaces.
  • Familiarization of cleaning procedure of various metals. Steps of dusting, mopping, sweeping, vacuum cleaning etc, care and cleaning of wooden surface and furniture.
  • Basic knowledge of glass surface, plastic, leather and walls. The general precaution in their care and cleaning.
  • Knowledge of cleaning methods of food and food contacting areas. Safety precautions for gas oven, electric oven and heater. Knowledge about the personal hygiene of food handlers. Knowledge about food preservation and food born disease. Basic knowledge of perishable and non perishable food items and its nutrients value. Familiarization of food shop and catering establishments.
  • Knowledge of Air, Water and noise pollution. The causes of pollution and their control and prevention.
  • Importance of pest control. Procedure and  methods of disinfections.
  • Introduction and classification of waste such as solid liquid and papers. Sources of collection and its importance.
  • Assessment of sanitary standard of housing Domestic sanitary measure.
  • Basic knowledge of Principle of energy conservation, its generation, distribution and prevention of wastage.
  • Study of baby care. Basic knowledge about the children behaviour, mannerism, gesture and courtesy. Taking children out for walk recreation play and exercise with children. Knowledge about storing the children.
  • Familiarization of Basic, first aid Basic knowledge of injuries and their first aid methods of application on it.
  • Basic knowledge of ORS. Preparation of charts regarding phone, fax etc for emergency contact.
  • Classification of fire. Principle of working of different type of fire domestic fire extinguisher and fire fighting equipments.
  • Assignment on fire safety and first aid with a visit to baby care centre, health and hygiene centre or social organization.

Eligibility & Admissions

  • Passed 10th Class Examination under 10+2 System of Education.
  • Performa for admission may be obtained from the respective State Directorate dealing with Craftsmen Training Scheme or from the Principals of the concerned Industrial Training Institutes/ centers conducting training programme under Craftsmen Training Scheme.

Higher Studies

  • Diploma Course in Hotel House Keeping.
  • Diploma Course in House Keeping.

Job Prospects

  • After passing trade, they can have jobs in as maids and housekeeping cleaners in houses and other the like places.
  • After passing the trade they can go for further higher degree courses such as Diploma and Bachelor Degrees.
  • They can also have jobs in hotels, restaurants and child-care places.

Domestic House-keeping Trade Job Types

  • Housekeeping Assistant Manager.
  • Housekeeping Associate.
  • Receptionist.
  • Housekeeping Executive.
  • Housekeeping Attendant.

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