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Must take Courses to Bring Out The Entrepreneur In You


The MSME-Technology Development Centre was started to empower Micro,Small and Medium Enterprises. And its doing exactly that with these two short course called ‘Generate Your Business Idea” and ‘Start Your Own Business’ which is made with the aim to bring out the entrepreneur in you and to empower young citizens to start and function micro,small or medium enterprises. This is a customized course by MSME-Technology Development Centre and is extremely flexible. This government initiative must be taken advantage off as it could be very useful in this extremely competitive corporate world.


Officially the centre is known as Process and Product Development Centre for technological upgradation of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) . This centre was established in 1985 in Agra by the Government of India and the Government of Uttar Pradesh. The centre does various programs for micro,small and medium enterprises. It has 4 major divisions:

  1. Testing Division
  2. Product Development Division of Foundry,Forge,Heat Treatment and machine shops
  3. Training
  4. Consultancy

The training division of the Centre is what manages and offers the courses. There are a huge number of courses being offered by the training wing of the Centre. Training Programmes are divided into three major divisions which are Management and Quality Programmes,IT and software Programmes and Industrial Programmes. Under these divisions there are more than 50 different courses to choose from.


Generate Your Own Business(GYOB)


This is a material based training programme for people who are potential entrepreneurs or even those who are already entrepreneurs. The training program will focus on the feasibility of your already existing ideas or ideas that could be put into use eventually. The course teaches you to know how to make the perfect idea and to know whether an idea is feasible or if it is not. The course aims to empower young entrepreneurs and also let them find out whether they are the right person to start a business and run it. By the end of the camp all students will have one feasible idea to work with. The idea will be the starting point for a business plan. To make the most of the training the trainees are expected to have basic reading,writing and calculation skills. Age and financial status will not be a factor in the course. During the course you will be given the GYOB Training Manual which will be used during the training and will be a point of reference after. The manual will have step by step instructions and explanations with illustrations to come up potential business ideas. The training costs Rs.2500 and will be 2.5 days long.

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Start Your Own Business(SYOB)


This is a little more in depth course of the entire art of starting your own business and becoming an entrepreneur. The training will focus on different aspects of entrepreneurship mainly support and guidance for business identification, finance schemes, market surveys, business plan preparation and a lot more on those lines. The training programme will be held in two locations both Agra and Jaipur. This course will also carry a manual which will be used during the course and will be a point of reference after the course. The fees for this course is Rs.5000 and includes the manual,lunch and refreshments.

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