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ITI In Automobile

ITI In Automobile

ITI In Automobile

Automobile is a passion for many people and a necessity for all. It is the lifeline of movement and transportation. So all mode of automobile needs maintenance and up gradation and sometimes new models are also in demand. So it is easily understood the need of diploma holder in automobile engineering. A diploma holder in automobile engineering has gets lucrative offers from various manufacturing plants as well as the numerous workshops of automobiles.

Diploma in automobile engineering is a 3 year course offered in various polytechnic colleges of India. The course is split into 6 semesters with each semester examination being held every November/ December and May/ June. Evaluation of the student is done on the basis of practical examination as well as theoretical examination with equal importance. Marks are awarded on basis of Continuous Formative Assessment and End Semester Examination.

Skills Required

  • You need to have excellent communication skills.
  • You need to master the skills of all the engineering disciplines which are involved in the production of vehicles.
  • An aspiring candidate has to have the ability to think in an orderly and logical way.
  • Advanced computer skills and willingness to learn more is desired.
  • Good analytical and problem solving skills is a must.
  • You need to have the ability to deal with people diplomatically.
  • You need to be flexible to understand and apply new technologies in a competitive environment.
  • You need to work as a team facilitator and willing to take responsibilities is a must in the field of Automobile Engineering.
  • You need to be able to accept the challenges in the automotive engineering industry.

As an aspiring candidate if you too want to make a worthwhile contribution to it by being able to identify and solve problems with current systems, as well as to design new ones that are reliable, functional, and innovative, you are welcomed in this lucrative job career. All the best to master the excellence in creating luxury for the masses.

Nature of Job

As an automobile engineer the design break-up while designing vehicles comes from the automobile engineers, who have the specialization to design automobiles. As an automobile engineer you will need to design the components that go into the vehicle, test them in the laboratory, and qualify them as the components which have been correctly designed. Automobile design engineers put the concept of a vehicle into reality.An aspiring candidate during the automotive engineering studies will need to examine the operating principles of the mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, and electronic systems of automobiles.

As an automobile engineer you will need to pick up on the specialized vocabulary that accompanies these systems and gain an insider’s understanding of the automotive industry and learn the technological issues involved in designing and marketing cars as you take an in-depth look at the materials, manufacturing, and design testing that are the basis of automotive engineering.

Today the automobile industry has emerged in the automobile market wherein several investors from foreign countries too are more than willing to invest. By choosing a career in this field your career chart is expected to grow leaps and bounds.


  • Engineering Mathematics I.
  • Applied Physics.
  • Engineering Mathematics II.
  • Information Technology Application.
  • Basic Electronics.
  • Applied Mechanics.
  • Workshop Practice.
  • Basic Electronics Practicals.
  • Engg. Mathematics III.
  • Strength of Materials.
  • Engg. Graphics.
  • Electrical Technology & Applied Electronics.
  • Mechanical Engineering Drawing; Thermal Engg.
  • Practical.
  • Fluid Power.
  • Advanced Manufacturing Process.
  • Machine Design.
  • Refrigeration & Air-conditioning system.
  • Metrology & Quality Control.
  • Instrumentation & Controls.

Eligibility & Admission

The basic eligibility requirement for the diploma in automobile engineering is that the candidate must pass class 10. But a class 12 pass candidate is preferred over the previous one. A candidate is eligible to appear for the course if he or she meets the minimum age requirement of 15 years. An entrance exam is held for admission in the diploma course in automobile engineering.

Higher Studies

There are further opportunities for Btech and Mtech for the diploma holders in this sector.

A Student finishing his/her diploma can appear for selection for lateral entry in to B.Tech/B.E Second year directly. The greater benefit from this scheme is that a student would be studying almost all same subjects of diploma course with higher syllabus content. Hence he/she will be definitely in a better position to do very well as compared to a direct B.Tech/B.E entry after +2/PUC.

Job prospects

A diploma holder of automobile engineering has rewarding job prospects in the various manufacturing plants of cars, bikes and other automobiles. They are also appointed in the workshops that look after the maintenance and up gradation of the automobiles and provide after sale service to the esteemed customers.

A diploma qualification in automobile engineering provides a sound grounding for further higher studies or worldwide employment opportunities in Automobile Industries, where the skill and knowledge of planning, designing, manufacturing and maintenance are concerned.

Particularly when India is poised to become one of the top ten auto manufacturers in the next ten years, this programme offers immense career potential.

The Diploma qualification provides a good grounding for students who wish to continue further studies or employment where the skills, knowledge and understanding of planning, designing, construction & manufacturing are useful. The programme will develop the student’s understanding for a full range of careers within the manufacturing and maintenance industry as members of a flexible, competitive, multi-skilled workforce.


There is an acute shortage of service technicians and engineers who could readily take on the responsibilities of servicing, overhauling and maintenance of various kinds of motor vehicles, oil engines and commercial vehicles. Moreover all public sector and private sector companies require Automobile Diploma holders for the maintenance of their fleet of vehicles. The automobile workshop at the academy is well equipped to prepare the students for a good career in automobile industry. M/S Toyota Motors, Bangalore have been selecting students from this Polytechnic during campus interview.

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