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Top 5 Social Media Jobs

The demand for social media jobs in our country is experiencing a steep rise as it is estimated that India is going to become the largest consumer of internet data soon. At present, India is only second to China in terms of the number of data users. From the point of view of a reputed brand, social media platforms are becoming new avenues for demonstrating the true feature of a product or service to its potential customer. For reaching out to them, most brands are creating in-house professionals for the creation of brand awareness and scaling up their business.

We have covered some useful information to offer you an insight into pursuing a career in social media.  Read on to know more-

Social media manager:

The exact work of a social media manager is to represent a business firm across several social channels as the primary voice of the brand. Their work is to respond to the contents and create content for marketing the business. They are experts in providing guidance to the business firms in enhancing their online presence. As a social media manager, your goal is to optimise the brand awareness among masses and boost website traffic to grow the business of the organization.

Social media specialist

The goal of a social media specialist is to achieve greater consumer engagement and developing intimacy which would eventually increase website traffic as well as revenue by exploring the various aspects of social media marketing. As a social media specialist, you must possess a clear understanding of how the different social media channel functions and optimising content so that those channels can be engaged in the desired way.

Content Strategist:

The function of a content strategist is to develop a well-suited strategy for the company based on the objectives of the business and needs of the consumers. Professionals in this field need to oversee the content requirements for creating content strategy throughout the lifecycle of a specific project. This may include conducting qualitative analysis and gap analysis. As a content strategist, you may also have to create and maintain an editorial calendar and content migration plan.

Online Community Manager:

Online community managers help in building and managing the online communities of the brand or business. With the help of analytical tools, the community managers can monitor online forums and social media outlets. In this role, you will have to engage the fans and consumers and utilise social media as well as live events for enhancing brand loyalty. Therefore, you should be very passionate about your job and create the right public profile for the company you are serving.


It is a well-known fact that blog content is meant for providing value in the online presence so that more audience is converted to consumers of that particular brand. The work of the blogger, therefore, is to create content in the form of standard written articles. It is very crucial to highlight the difference between bloggers who are professionals and who does the job for a hobby. Professional bloopers, who earn their living through content creation, can be of two types. You can either choose to work for a particular business firm or those who make money through their blog on their site.

As you can see, the choices are many, all you have to do is gain knowledge before you delve deeper into one.

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