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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is the future

Now more than ever with technology reaching heights never imaginable before the world needs Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning experts. As almost major tech companies take major strides in artificial intelligence the  future is going to open up a slew of opportunities for all of us. Presently there are only …

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Social Media Jobs

Top 5 Social Media Jobs 2023

The demand for Top 5 Social Media Jobs in our country is experiencing a steep rise as it is estimated that India is going to become the largest consumer of internet data soon. At present, India is only second to China in terms of the number of data users. From …

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Career in Animation

Animation is seen as an exciting career option and rightly so. It is the window to the now evergreen media and entertainment industry. As the industry moves forward making major strides with every new movie or TV show animation is only becoming more integral. Animation and VFX are a part …

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Must take Courses to Bring Out The Entrepreneur In You

  The MSME-Technology Development Centre was started to empower Micro,Small and Medium Enterprises. And its doing exactly that with these two short course called ‘Generate Your Business Idea” and ‘Start Your Own Business’ which is made with the aim to bring out the entrepreneur in you and to empower young …

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10 day Course in Drone Flying

We all have seen a drone  fly above us in weddings,sports events and music concerts. But have you ever thought of flying them? Did you know India has it’s very own drone pilot training institute certified by the Ministry of Defence,Government of India? Indian Institute of Defence offers an unique …

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2000 career options that don’t need grades

AlmaMater founder and new-age entrepreneur, Varun Agarwal recently launched an online alternative educational platform, Grades Don’t Matter in the form of a smartphone app. The app aims to teach you skills for creative careers that do not need marksheets through videos made by experts in those respective fields who have …

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