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2000 career options that don’t need grades

AlmaMater founder and new-age entrepreneur, Varun Agarwal recently launched an online alternative educational platform, Grades Don’t Matter in the form of a smartphone app. The app aims to teach you skills for creative careers that do not need marksheets through videos made by experts in those respective fields who have already succeeded at it. They also give you a certificate at the end of the online course.


They have created over 300+ video lessons and over 30+ hours of alternative educational content.The app focuses on turning India into a skill based society rather one based on just grades. The videos are made my very prominent personalities like Nitesh Tiwari (the director of Dangal, the highest-grossing Bollywood film in history), Amish Tripathi (the highest selling Indian author of all time) Siddharth Roy Kapur (producer of films like DevD, Rang De Basanti, Dangal) and Ritesh Agarwal (Co-founded Oyo, which is valued at $800 million).


There are courses on various topics ranging from food-blogging to stand up comedy to how to produce a film. Each course is taken by one expert who are referred to as influencers. The influencer has multiple short clips,each being one chapter or lesson. As you move from one clip to another you get a more detailed idea of the skill. At the end of the course you get a certificate acknowledging your completion of the course.


Each course takes a three-phased approach.

Phase 1– ‘Basic introduction or Class 101′- What is it to get into this career, how does it work, what skills does one need?

Phase 2– Focuses on teaching the above skills.

Phase 3– Discusses important questions like ‘Is this a viable career option and how much money can one make out of it.

The goal of Grades Don’t Matter is to educate users on how to ideate, develop a systematic approach to practical learning, and then sharpen their skill set in the desired field of interest. The course is presently available as a mobile app on android  and iOS. On installation you can watch the first few videos to test whether you want to take the course and if you do you can pay Rs.99 per course. After payment the videos are available for unlimited viewing.You even get access to an overview from all the lessons from each course called the ‘Workbook’ in the form of a downloadable PDF.

Some of the courses offered:

    • Film-making 101 by Nitish Tiwari,Director,Dangal
    • Getting Published 101 by Amish Tripathi,Best-selling author
    • Entrepreneurship 101 by Ritesh Agarwal,Founder,Oyo Rooms
    • Producing a Film 101 by Siddarth Roy Kapur,Film Producer
    • Illustrations 101 by Alicia Souza,Illustrator
    • Stand up Comedy by Sanjay Manaktala, Stand up comedian
    • Beat-Boxing 101 by Vinnet Vincent,Beatboxer
    • Becoming a Chef 101 by Thomas Zacharius,Chef Partner,The Bombay Canteen


The alternate education market is  estimated to grow at CAGR of almost 32 percent from 2017 to 2021. There are an estimated 2000 career options that require no certificates. As students of this era embrace newer and more career choices Grades Don’t Matter aims to eventually make courses for 2000 career options including filmography,bitcoin and stock market trading.  

Download the App: iOS:


You can also learn more about their courses on their official website:                  

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