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Career in Animation

Animation is seen as an exciting career option and rightly so. It is the window to the now evergreen media and entertainment industry. As the industry moves forward making major strides with every new movie or TV show animation is only becoming more integral. Animation and VFX are a part of almost any production these days and over the last few years even the advertisement industry has embraced animation. The animation industry includes special effects and VFX which are now very integral to the success of every production. A career in Animation will give you the excitement of working on making the impossible possible and will give you a window to enter the media and entertainment industry. Courses on animation, graphics and multimedia can either be done full time or part time which makes it very convenient.  


Skills Required:


Your artistic ability and creativity will be very important for your success in the industry. As animation is not mechanical in nature a lot of passion and imaginative skills along with a flair for sketching/drawing is very important. Every animator although has to be excellent with software will have to be extremely good at drawing and sketching. But contrary to popular belief drawing is not everything in animation. Most movies require teams of animators to work together in order to get the best out of the final product. This requires ability to work in teams which will play an important role in defining your career.Patience is another virtue that every animator requires. Pulling of even a clip of few minutes takes time even with latest technology and would require the animator to work with patience. Knowing the basics of script writing, stop-motion photography and editing could be a plus point if you are an animator. Other than just knowing how to use animation software what would separate a good animator from the rest would be his or her creativity that is put into the work you are doing. Choice of color, drawing skills,imaginative new ideas all of these play an important role in how the final picture turns out and not just the software. And creativity more or less cannot be taught.




There are numerous courses you can take on animation. You can either do a full fledged B.Sc course or a part time Diploma or a certificate course.


B.Sc in Animation Programs

  • Digital Art & Animation
  • Visual Effects
  • Gaming
  • Graphic Design & Web Development

Diploma in animation Programs Animation

  • 2D Classical & Digital Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Graphic Design & Web Development
  • Web Application Development


Certificate Programs in Animation

  • Visual Effects
  • Editing, Mixing & Post Production
  • Architectural Walkthrough
  • Interactive E-learning Application
  • Interactive Mobile Application







Job Prospects

Major career options are obviously working for media houses working on productions. Productions could be movies,TV shows,web-series,documentaries etc. Now advertisement industry is also now big on animation and that would open up a lot of job prospects. An upcoming industry which desperately needs animation in India is the gaming industry. Gaming industry is slowly growing in India and tapping that industry would work out. Other than these  there is a growing demand for cartoon animators in engineering, scientific research and medical research.

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