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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is the future

Now more than ever with technology reaching heights never imaginable before the world needs Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning experts. As almost major tech companies take major strides in artificial intelligence the  future is going to open up a slew of opportunities for all of us. Presently there are only 10,000 people in the world with the education, experience and talent needed to develop these AI technologies. This puts a huge barrier in front of tech companies looking to move forward with this exciting tech prospect. This has led most tech companies to offer online courses to train people to become experts in this field. Let’s take a look at a  few.


Google: Earlier this year Google released a new website called Learn with Google AI which was primarily for Artificial Intelligence Education. The website has many interactive feautres to teach AI and ML even to a newcomer. As soon as you get to the website it filters content by asking you about your prior knowledge in the subject it also allows you to choose what kind of content you wish to learn from.

They have different methods of learning like videos,documentation,tutorials or even an interactive set up. The website also features a free course called ML crash course (MLCC) with TensorFlow APIs. More than 18,000 Google employees have already enrolled in MLCC. The 15 hours online course includes real-world case studies, interactive visualisation, video lectures, over 40 exercise to help teach ML concepts.


Visit the website:


Amazon: A year ago, Amazon launched two new courses for Machine Learning through its Amazon Web Services platform. The first is,Introduction to ML which is a 40 minute course which first talks about the problems Amazon is trying to solve with machine learning and then the method and tools to use to achieve the change intended. It has a few prerequisites. Undergraduate courses in computer science or business administration and a basic understanding of software system development. The second is,Deep Learning on AWS which is a classroom based one-day course that introduces you to cloud-based Deep Learning (DL) solutions. This course will teach you about the usefulness of deep learning and also how to run your models on multiple Amazon services.


Visit the website:


Microsoft: Earlier this month, the tech company launched a new course on its tech accreditation scheme, called, Microsoft Professional Program, which is dedicated to AI. This course aims to turn aspiring AI engineer aspirants to masters of the skill. There are a total of 10 courses with each course being 8-16 hours long. The 10 courses cover a wide array of topics such as maths,python,data analysis,speech recognition etc. Each course runs for 3 months and starts at every quarter.  However, these courses are not free. The students need to buy certificates from  for each course. Once you complete the course you will receive a digitally-sharable Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in AI.


Visit their website:

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