10 Reasons why Science is better than Commerce in Class 11

Making a choice between Science and Commerce in 11th std is a decision that will change the entire course of your life. A key decision that will lead you to achieve your dream. Gone are the days when choosing a stream after 10th was solely based on marks you achieved. There are a number of other factors that you need to look for now before you take the big leap. Here are a few reasons that will help you determine why you should take up Science in Class 11.

  1. Science is Fun: Undoubtedly, fun is what students look at in every stage of their studies. Science makes learning more and enthusiastic. Physically measurable and sensory appealing experiments that you can conduct is possible only in the Science stream. Be it Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology or Botany science will keep you motivated and interested throughout with loads of fun.

  2.    Help you become progressive:  Science is not just for high scorers, even student with low scores can take up Science. Taking interest in science allows you to become more intelligent, smart, and progressive not only in academics but also in real life. More experimentation allows you to express your talent and intellect in the form of everyday science.

  3.    Science makes you knowledgeable: Everything around you has science in it, Studying about science around you makes you a knowledgeable person who knows the facts and reasons for why things happen in a certain manner. You are no more an ignorant average student, but an intellectual and knowledgeable person who knows how the work around him works.

  4.    Creative thinking: Science is all about discovery, innovation, creativity and problem-solving. If you want to do something different from others, then Science is what you need to take. Science has infinite opportunities to explore things and make new things in a variety of creative ways, which commerce doesn’t allow you to do.

  5.    Skill Development: Science allows you to explore the vast subject matter across sections and across borders. With innumerable research opportunities around the globe and working in collaboration, you will develop skills that are essential for survival in this highly competitive world.

  6.    Entry to World-class / Premier institutions:  Taking up Science in class 11 is your stepping stone to be a part of the world class or Premier institutions of global reputation. A gateway to global opportunities starts with these institutions who offer courses at par with the changing trends and global standards. Institutions like NIT, IISC, IISER, BIT, AIIMS are specially designed for Science.

  7.    Become a global citizen: Taking Science means you join a global community of Science enthusiasts. Your communication moves over just from local people and bodies to National and Internationally connect persons either by way of guidance, assistance in projects or even just reading from them. You are no longer restricted locally.

  8.   A master key to opportunities: Taking Science in class 11 is like preparing a master key to open the treasure chest of options for Higher Education. If Science is your foundational education in class 11 & 12, you are eligible to almost 90% of all the course offered under all streams including Commerce and Humanities. After 12th if your interest shifts you still have the option to move on to other streams. You will not stagnate or feel you are trapped or left with no options apart from Science. You will have the freedom to move on and with less pressure.

  9.       Vast options for Higher Education: With emerging trends and technology innovations, the demand for specialized education is on the rise. This makes way for vast options for higher education. Gone are the days when only Medical or Engineering was the option, there are many more specialized options to choose from which make getting a job easier and grab up opportunities that are specific to your interest and capabilities.

  10.   Career Prospects: Undoubtedly Science has the highest rate of increasing career prospects. There is no end to the road, there is no stagnation at any point in your career. The career options are infinite ranging from entrepreneurship, research work, professional, academic and not to forget making the world a better place to live in.

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