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Advanced Diploma in Die and Mould making from one of India’s best

Indo-Swiss Training Centre offers a rather sui generis 4 year diploma in die making and mould making. This course contains immense potential in a manpower driven country that thrives on skilled workers. This unique course will put you ahead in the die making industry as this is bigger and better than the normal die making and die moulding diploma which is just three years long. To add to that you will be getting it from one of India’s best technical institutes,the Indo-Swiss Training Institute.


Indo-Swiss Training Centre was established more than fifty years ago by the first prime minister of the nation, Jawaharlal Nehru in collaboration with the Swiss Foundation for Technical Assistance, Switzerland. Although it was established under the patronage of the Swiss Foundation it presently run by Central Scientific Instruments Organization (CSIO), Chandigarh.

The Institute is considered by many to be one of the best institutes for technical education with extensive courses which are extremely hard to get into. The Institute provides very limited seats for each course. The quality of education can be expected to be top notch.


4 year Advanced Diploma in Die and Mould Making is an extensive course. It’s probably the best offered in this Institute. The course is extensively practical and prepares you with the required skills. The course is eight semesters long  and covers various important topics such as CNC Technology, Modern Machining Technology, Electrical Engineering etc. It also takes  practical topics such as Injection Moulds, Compression Moulds, Die Casting Dies, Bending Tools etc.


Th admission to the course is extremely hard. Indo-Swiss Training Institute conducts it’s very own entrance test called ISTC Entrance Test during July every year in Chandigarh. This test alone can determine who gets the seat. Anyone who has finished their matriculation exam or anything on apr with that can apply for this course. There are just 140 seats available  for all courses in the Institute. In the 140 a mere 16 seats are available for the Advanced Diploma in Die and Mould Making course. Which itself shows how hard it is to get into the college. But the good thing about it is the fact that if you do get in the lesser number would mean more attention to each student making it a more extensive course.


Each applicant should have passed his or her matriculation exam in Mathematics, Science and English and must be born on or after 1st August 1999. The rules are slightly different for SC/ST candidates. Those expecting their results as of August 2018 could apply too. The syllabus for the entrance test would be equivalent to CBSE 10th grade with questions in Mathematics, Science, Aptitude, English and General Knowledge. The results usually come out in within 10 days.

The seats are alloted by merit and when the seats for one course is over students can be asked to choose from colleges where seats are available. After the entrance exam students will be called by merit for counselling which would eventually lead to the seats being filled and admissions being done. The fees for the course is Rs. 55,200.


To know more about the course click here.

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