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Diploma in Meat Production from an Open University

Indira Gandhi National Open University offers a unique diploma course in Meat Production which is developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India. The course is one-of-a-kind course and offers the opportunity to learn the art and expertise needed for production of meat and meat products.


Indira Gandhi National Open University is considered one of the best open universities in the country. It offers courses on almost all major schools and streams possible. They have 21 schools which include school of law,school of humanities,school of management studies,school of performing and visual arts etc. Under these courses there are numerous sub courses which give you a wide array of choices to choose from.


There are many advantages of studying in an open university. First off you can set your own pace of study and hence can learn with peace. It is up to you when and where you study. Your present location would not make a difference as you can study from wherever and whenever. And also almost always a course in an open university costs lesser than a full time degree. But the experience of being in a campus and rubbing shoulders with fellow students is something that will be missing.


The Diploma in Meat Production can be taken by anyone who has finished a 10+2 or anything equivalent to that. If you have only finished your 10 grade IGNOU has a provision for you.

IGNOU offers a separate course called Bachelor Preparatory Program (BPP) which is personally designed by IGNOU for those who have not got 10+2 education. It doesn’t work as an equivalent course but is enough to pursue a degree from IGNOU. The course can be done simultaneously with the Diploma.


The Diploma in Meat Production is a unique course which mainly deals with art of production of meat and different meat products. It is a skill-based course. The course aims at self employment. Stress will be put on meat processing and poultry processing and competencies in good slaughter practices, handling of meat on scientific lines, testing and quality control of meat and meat products. The course is of 32 credits covering eight different subjects which also includes Marketing and Entrepreneurship to empower students to take the self-employed route.


The University also offers fee concession. With the submission of the required documents applicants from rural areas get 50% concession. Students living in urban can also get 50% concession with the submission of the income certificate proving they are below the poverty line.

Medium of Instruction is English and Hindi. Career opportunities are quite a lot. Animal Procurement supervisor, meat processing technician, laboratory assistant, by-product plant technician, poultry processing technician, technician in egg industry, meat and egg grader, packaging supervisor, technician in leather industry, marketing assistant, distribution assistant, store assistant and entrepreneur are all options to consider.


Each of the eight subjects will have one 50 marks assignment. A minimum of 50% is needed in these assignments and also this will be taken as 20% for your final marks with the remaining 80% coming in your written paper.


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