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Architectural Assistant ITI

ITI In Architectural Assistant

ITI In Architectural Assistant

Architectural Assistant Trade is a professional course which deals with a large spectrum of activities, such as general administrative and specific tasks, preparing and developing architectural drawings, reviewing the designs, supporting the architectural teams in producing the sections, and managing the work packages given to subcontractors. communicate with the client about all architectural matters; assist the architects in any kind of architectural project, either for personal homes or for business purposes. In today’s time, this career-orienting course has broad scopes in various civil industries and their related areas. There are many institutes, such as ITIs, offering courses for this trade, and the duration of it is one academic year with two semesters.


The minimum educational qualification for this trade course is a pass in class 10th under the 10+2 system with a minimum of 40% independently in science and mathematics.


Semester I

  • Building Construction + Graphic Presentation & Building Construction + Surveying
  • Workshop Science and Calculation
  • Engineering Drawing.

Semester II

  • Building construction, architectural design, building construction, and building services
  • Workshop Science and Calculation, 2.
  • Engineering Drawing, 2.

Course Highlights

  • Lettering Basis.
  • Scales: plain, diagonal, and comparative
  • Drawing plan, elevation of points.
  • Isometric projection of different objects.
  • Reducing and enlargement of drawing objects by graphical method
  • Perspective projection.
  • showing the arrangement of bricks in different parts of bonds.
  • Drawing of scaffolding.
  • Drawing different types of foundation
  • Drawing details of damp proof courses and plinth projection
  • Drawing of conventional signs used in engineering surveys

Architectural Assistant Required Skill

  • Architectural assistants should possess good communication skills, interpersonal skills, team handling skills, and good MS Office and internet usage skills.
  • They should be able to review or modify the plans according to the directions coming from the architect, work with special computer programmes such as AutoCAD, Corel Draw, or databases for the projects, and see or check how the project evolved.
  • They must be supportive and help the architects find the best solutions for complex technical problems and for complex challenges coming from the environment where the project takes place.
  • They should also be able to manage sensitive and sometimes confidential information, be self-motivated, and demonstrate initiative and a proactive approach to daily tasks in response to direction or instruction.

Nature of job

  • Draughtsman: Architectural Firm
  • Interior Designer, Interior Office
  • Site supervisor and surveyor.
  • Draughtsman: Structural Firm
  • Architectural Technician.


  • After passing the course, they can work on individual buildings or on large redevelopment schemes with contractors.
  • They can go for further higher graduation courses to enhance their educational qualifications, or if they are already on the job, they can enhance their positions.
  • They can assist with site selection and work closely with contractors on site, ensuring that work is carried out to specific standards.

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