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ITI In Data Entry Operator

ITI in Data Entry Operator

ITI In Data Entry Operator

Data Entry Operator is the professional able to digitalise the large amount of data generating in virtually every organisation of daily basis. With every office and organization seeking to become a paperless organization, the importance of Data Entry Operators has been increasing with every passing day. Computers are also becoming a necessity as compared to earlier times, when they were considered a luxury item. Every office, whether it is in private public or corporate sector, is being computerized. Therefore, every old document of the organization also needs to be computerized and this job of entering existing and new data into computer can be done only by these experts.

This work force is required in plenty as there is lot of data which is needed to be digitalised so that it can be used as per the requirements of the modern world. Besides this, every new application of the computer has provided a lot of scope for these professionals.

From a high profile software development company to a grocery shop every organization is in need of data entry operators. It is these professionals on whose speed and accuracy, the accuracy and efficiency of the whole organization depends. If the data entered by these professionals is correct only then the applications using this data can provide with the right results. Considering these factors, one can imagine a considerable scope for professionals not only now but also in the future as well.

Though it is not one of the most sought after profession but its importance in every field cannot be ignored especially in this digital world. To be a Data Entry Operator, one doesn’t require much intelligence but one does require a lot of hard work. The job of a Data entry operator demands intensive knowledge of MS Office software and other basic operations of the computer along with basic knowledge of English and a Local Language.

Skills Required

  • Students should have good spelling, grammar, strong reading comprehension and punctuation skills well as.
  • They should be familiar with basic office equipment like computers, scanners, copiers and calculators.
  • They should also possess traits like concentration skills, organisation skills, strong communication skills and time management skills.

Nature of Job

Now, when every petty official work is being done on the computers, the scope of a data entry operator has increased many folds in the last few years. There is no dearth of work for the computer operators as they are not only supposed to handle the upcoming work but also there is huge amount of existing data that has to be computerized.

A data entry operator can get a job from a little grocery shop to print out the bills to a big corporate office to handle the daily official work like sending communiqué and drafting letters etc. to maintain attendance sheets and making presentation in various applications.


  • Basic Training.
  • Computer Fundamentals.
  • Operating System (DOS).
  • Operating System (Windows).
  • MS Word.
  • MS Excel.
  • MS Power Point.
  • MS Access.
  • Page Maker.
  • Financial Accounting Software.
  • LAN.
  • Internet.
  • Local Language Software.

Eligibility & Admissions

  • 10th Class Passed Typing speed of 30 w.p.m in English / Hindi / Any Local.
  • Performa for admission may be obtained from the respective State Directorate dealing with Craftsmen Training Scheme or from the Principals of the concerned Industrial Training Institutes/ centers conducting training programme under Craftsmen Training Scheme.

Higher Studies

  • Diploma Course in Data Care Management.
  • Diploma in Database Administration.

Job Prospects

  • After passing the trade students can have jobs in various data entry firms as they have mammoth of paper work both on regular or distance basis as some of the firms allow to work from home.
  • Students have also good scopes for further higher studies like Diploma courses for enhance their position and enhancing educational qualification.
  • They can also have jobs related to data entry in online websites as so many websites having content in which work is done like copy and paste.

Data Entry Operator Trade Job Types

  • Data Entry Associate.
  • Administrative Assistant.
  • Typist.
  • Data Entry Assistant.
  • Mail Room Assistant.

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