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Diploma In Agriculture

Diploma In Agriculture

Diploma In Agriculture

Students who wish to do Diploma in Agriculture , they will learn many facets of the career including natural resource, soil conditions, agribusiness management, livestock production and agricultural management, the workings of agricultural machinery like harvesters, cropping machinery and other machinery used in the agricultural world. These are just some of the facets of the agricultural diploma.


Agriculture diplomas coursework can vary by country and by schools within the country, but most tend to cover the basics in crop and livestock management, dealing with climate, pests, and basic management practices for running a farm. Most agriculture diplomas will also cover things like sales strategy, marketing plans, and devising a budget. The courses are meant to introduce students to the basic issues facing farmers and give them the tools needed to deal with most common situations The curriculum tends to not go into depth in most technical issues, reserving deeper study in those for more advanced degree programs.

Eligibility & Admission

10 th class.


Diploma in Agriculture course is four years in duration and the fees are different from school to school. The best thing a student wanting to gain an agriculture diploma can do is research the different schools and institutions offering the agriculture diploma and find which is offering the best program for the best price. This does not necessarily mean a student should go for the agriculture that will cost the least amount; thorough research should be done to ensure that the quality of the program is good before deciding on whether it is the best value.


Qualified agricultural workers can be richly rewarded. There are many scope in the career and there are constantly jobs open in the industry for any experienced agricultural graduate. Working your way up from the bottom you can quickly become senior management which has greater financial rewards. It is not just financially rewarding but to know that you are doing your bit to change the economy is also great compensation.

Job Prospects

Although many countries do things slightly different; once a student has gained their diploma they can work anywhere in the world. Sometimes a person may have to spend some time learning about how things work in that particular country such as soils and machinery as well as livestock are different in each country. On the whole though agriculture is done very similarly throughout the world and it is just the little things that a person with an Diploma in agriculture will need to learn and should pick up very quickly.

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