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Diploma In Civil Engineering

Diploma In Civil Engineering

Diploma In Civil Engineering

If you have interest in building new structures and wish to ALWAYS have your desired job in hand, civil engineering is your best choice.Civil engineering is all about designing, constructing and supervising new and old structures, and as far as human society exists, construction of new buildings, transportation and even sewerage work will exist forever.


Like in any other engineering field good logical and mental capability, problem solving skills and ability to grasp new concepts are very essential to be a good civil engineer.

You should be able to express yourself using figures and words.

  • Selection, testing of soil and construction material.
  • Deployment of construction equipment, machinery and resources.
  • Prepare estimates for buildings, roads and other civil engineering structures.
  • Use B. I. S. codes, and National Building code for planning, designing and supervising the civil engineering works.
  • Use computers and computer software for analyzing, designing of civil engineering structure and communicating.
  • Use Total Quality Management practice on control on civil engineering work (procedures, materials, manpower, economy).
  • Prepare project report and legal contract and tender documents.
  • Management of time, material, manpower, economy.
  • Communicate with labor, designer, contractor, material suppliers, and clients effectively.
  • Organize and manage civil engineering project.
  • Life long learning and ability to acquire new knowledge and skills on self learning basis, Use Diagnostic skills.
  • Solve civil engineering problem.
  • Use regulation, bylaws, civic, government laws, for preparing plans and execution of work.
  • Concern for quality, reliability, safety, productivity and environmental issues in the context of international competitiveness.
  • Proficient in multi skills, information collection and processing.
  • Use and develop application software.
  • Entrepreneurial skills.
  • Ability to work in multidisciplinary and multinational teams.
  • Supervise the civil engineering construction.
  • Use of innovative, recycled materials

Nature of Job

Diploma in Civil Engineer is generally employed as a Site Engineer, a Surveyor, Supervisor of various processes, an assistant to Designer/Consultant , Valuer, as a planner etc. Below stated are the Job Functions of a Diploma Civil Engineer.

  • Collects data for planning of a project.
  • Prepares Drawings based on the data collected for the projects.
  • Assists Designer in the Designing process and prepares drawings as per the results of Designing process.
  • Prepares Estimates and proposals for Projects.
  • Assists the senior Engineer in Project Planning, Implementation and  monitoring of projects.
  • Prepares job layout , and executes various activities as per plans/schedules and specifications.
  • Plans and executes for various services in Building.
  • Supervises & controls the site activities to ensure the quality standards.
  • Supervises the maintenance & repairs of works to ensure proper services of  structures.
  • Records the progress of work, and prepares bills for payment.
  • “To provide a practice oriented education emphasizing execution of design.


Civil engineering is a vast field of study and hence requires knowledge of various disciplines. Important topics in your curriculum are listed below –

  • structures.
  • foundation.
  • construction.
  • environment.
  • irrigation.
  • hydraulics.
  • surveying.
  • soil analysis.
  • cost and works management etc.

Eligibility & Admission

Eligibility for a diploma is a pass in standard X and standard XII (with science & maths) for a degree respectively.

Higher Studies

Students can choose the following course for higher studies.

  • M. Tech / M. E
  • PhD (Doctorate).
  • MBA (Regular).
  • Post  Diploma.

Job Prospects

The country is developing fast and it needs infrastructures to sustain this development, which require qualified civil engineers to build them.

You can find job in construction companies, private consulting firms, government departments, research institutes etc.,

Area of Employment

Civil Engineer normally works in private industry. The civil engineers working in industry are often responsible for construction planning, preparation and supervision. Planning task involves drawing work, cost calculation site matters. In the actual construction stage the civil engineer functions as a site supervisor. Additional responsibilities include organize the deployment of resources.

The career opportunities for Diploma Civil Engineer are

  • Buildings/civil works Site Supervisor.
  • Transportation system work Engineer.
  • Maintenance Engineer.
  • Material Supplier /Manufacturer.
  • Building Services.
  • Architectural assistance / Practice Consulting Engineer.
  • Contractor/ Builder.


  • Larsen & Toubro.
  • DLF.
  • Tata Projects:
  • Gammon India.
  • Hindustan Construction Company.
  • Sobha Developers Ltd.
  • Shapoorji Pallonji & Co.
  • Unitech.
  • Nagarjuna Construction Company.

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