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ITI in Institution House Keeping

ITI in Institution House Keeping

ITI in Institution House Keeping

Institution House Keeping or Institutional Housekeeping is a cleaning-work vocational trade. The duration of it is one semesters of six months duration. There are many ITIs offering the trade in the country. During teaching hours, students are taught of various cleaning aspects such as cleaning the interiors of hotels, hospitals, school dormitories and government residences; cleaning floors and windows, make beds, wash dishes, and take care of indoor plants; maintaining staff, kitchen; order linen and cleaning supplies. Trade is good from jobs point of view as after passing it they can have many jobs in various institutions either they are educational or administrative.

Duration : 6 Months.

Qualification : Passed 10th Class Examination under 10+2 System of Education.

Skills Required

  • Students should have good physical stamina as they have to clean and sanitize laboratories, washrooms, bedrooms, keep washrooms supplied with paper, towels and soap.
  • They should have good common sense such as keep checking sanitary conditions in designated areas for purposes of infection control.
  • They also have knowledge about that how to plan, assign, and supervise all functions of a housekeeping department; inspect quarters for maintenance of proper housekeeping standards; supervise and maintain records of the distribution of furnishings.


  • Introduction – Basic knowledge about Institute House Keeping, Institutional culture and ability. Personal development, personality, leadership, communication. Familiarize with the Institutional House Keeping and its importance. Type of work done in this field and tools and equipment uses. Introduction to safety equipment and their uses.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of Different types of rooms of different sizes (bed room, offices living rooms of guest houses etc.). Perform dusting, sweeping, mopping and scrubbing. Cleaning and polishing of all the surfaces of office, guesthouse, hostels, bed rooms, reception halls etc.
  • Maintenance of records and stocks – ability to maintain and fill all records and stocks.
  • Maintenance of indoor plants and flower arrangements. Make simple flower arrangement, spray plants, care- water, and exposure to sun, manuring and placement.
  • Maintenance of security safety and caring out first and fire fighting methods.
  • Waste Management: – Supervise office waste disposal – Collection, Transportation and disposal etc.
  • Carrying out laundry Procedures as per standards of cleanliness and time schedules.
  • Deliver laundry as per time schedule. To fill and maintain the records.
  • Pest Control: – Prevention to be measured by the following pest control: – Mosquitoes, house flies, cockroaches and termite etc.
  • Pupils should be able to Recognize markings, stark linen accordingly.
  • Operate linen chute marking the linen handing it over to laundry cell. Receiving it back from laundry cell Storing it and issuing it to floor and dependents guests.
  • Pupil is to perform to select and maintain and properly utilize the linen maintenance equipment and materials.
  • Restoration of Long unused Spaces: Methods to be followed by House Keeping Processes.
  • Safety on fire, electrical, natural hazards. To identify the risk area in office. Supervising fire prevention activities. Demonstration & instruction by fire department or fire brigade.
  • Basic operation of computer, Windows and M S Office, Practiced of Data Entry in computer.
  • Demonstrate the activity help the pupils to carry out the activity.
  • Evaluate the students as per the prescribed standards.

Eligibility & Admissions

Passed 10th Class Examination under 10+2 System of Education.

Higher Studies

  • Diploma Course in Hotel House Keeping.
  • Diploma Course in House Keeping.
  • Diploma in Accommodation Operations & Services (House Keeping).

Job Prospects

  • Students can have jobs in school, hostel, restaurant, industry, offices and the like others.
  • After passing trade, they can go for further higher studies like Diploma/Degree courses which enhances their overall qualification.
  • They can also have jobs in houses for maintaining things there working as servants.

Job Types

  • Housekeeper Hotel.
  • Executive Housekeeper.
  • Housekeeping Coordinator.
  • Housekeeping Assistant.

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