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ITI Course in Steward

ITI Course in Steward

ITI Course in Steward

Steward is restaurant serving vocational trade. The duration of trade is one year with 2 semesters of six months each. Students are taught to various topics during class teachings such as how to ensure/provide proficient & professional food & beverage service to the guests by meeting & also exceeding their expectations; welcome the guests by greeting them as per the standards, oversee the functioning of front office department or any other department in the club when necessitated by circumstances & as mandated by the general manager, etc. the trade is career orienting in nature that opens many jobs for them in hospitality sector. There are many ITIs offering it due to its huge importance.

Skill Required

  • Students should have enthusiasm for the steward role, communication skills like written, verbal & ideally IT & Internet & reliability.
  • They should be able to build quality relationships both within & outside the craft, the ability to influence others & the ability to motivate & inspire others.
  • They should be approachable, empathetic & sensitive to the feeling of others, innovative & open to change & responsive to feedback.


Sem 1

  • To make acquaintance with Restaurant/ Pantry/Still Room/ Bar equipments.
  • Hygienic handling of cutlery, crockery, glassware-and Trays. Laying & Relaying of table cloth during and before meals.
  • Correct use of waiters Cloth, runner, napkins & napkin folding. Change of Ash, tray.
  • Handling, upkeep a polishing of Silver, Cattery, glassware and Crockery. Arrangement & Preparations of Sideboard of Service Table. Misc-en-scene & Mise-en-place for various types of meals and menu.
  • Correct handling & practices of service spoon & service Fork.
  • Styles of Services placing plates & dishes, Silver & Pre plated service method & techniques.
  • Serving & clearing of a meal. Familiarization with French names of vegetables, Fruits, cutleries, rockeries, glassware & Miscellaneous items.
  • Tabled’ hote menu, Laying of cover & service for lunch & dinner.
  • Awareness about general timings of cooking a dish for Alfa carte orders.
  • Practice Of service communication skills, customer relation ,management, Social ethics, grooming & hygienic hobbits.
  • a) Rules to be observed while waiting at the table. b) Sequence of services.

Sem 2

  • Receiving Et seating the guest, presenting menus cards & taking order from guest & writing of K.O.T.
  • Passing the order to the Kitchen of Pick-up. Service of Tea & Coffee.
  • Cover Lay out for different types of Breakfast & their service (Restaurant/Room Service).
  • Making & Presentation of Bills. Organizing Parties & functions, Buffets & Banquets.
  • a) Indian & Chinese food service procedure and service methods. b) booking special occasion/function, and organizing it.
  • Service & accompaniments of Special dishes, smoked salmon, caviar asparagus grape fruit, artichoke, melon, Cheese fresh fruits.
  • Pantry & still room operations.
  • Wine Service-Taking the order, presenting -the bottle opening of cork a service of Red, Ooze, While a Sparkling wines.
  • Service of Bar.
  • Service of spirits & Liquors.
  • Laying & Service of Banquets.
  • Service of cigars & Cigarettes.

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