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ITI in Fruits and Vegetable Processor

ITI in Fruits and Vegetable Processor

ITI in Fruits and Vegetable Processor

Fruit and Vegetable Processor is a fruit/food preserving vocational trade. The duration of trade is one year with two semesters of six months each. Students are introduced to different topics of food processing during teaching hours such as how to receive, check and store raw materials; operate conveyor and processing equipment; take samples and check products for dispatch; check boxes or bins of fruit and vegetables as they are delivered and organise weighing and storage; prepare and sort fruit and vegetables for processing and feed them into machines; handle live or slaughtered poultry and prepare for cooking or further processing; operate machinery for chemical treating, size grading, crushing, extracting juice, mixing, freezing and drying foods; operate machinery to blend flour, meal and feed; sterilise equipment and keep processing areas clean. The trade is career orienting in nature which opens many work options for them in agriculture and food process industry.

Skills Required

  • Students should possess good communication skills; enjoy practical work; high standard of personal cleanliness; aptitude for technical activities and attention to detail.
  • They should have good hand-eye coordination; able to cope with the physical demands of the job; no skin allergies or chest complaints.
  • They should be well know of the things like roasting, baking, drying machinery operators, tenders control temperature, humidity, pressure of machines, watching, touching and smelling the product to ensure their machines.

Nature of Job

  • Students good at study or willing for further higher studies can for it as this enhances their values like rank (in case having job) and educational qualification.
  • They can get good jobs in retail stores and manufacturing plants as they have so big space/capacity for employment.
  • They can also find employment at places like food research laboratories, catering companies, food wholesalers, hospitals, restaurants etc.


Sem 1

  • Spoilage of fruits and vegetables Industrial visit in fruits and vegetables processing industry.
  • Identifications of Fruits and vegetables.
  • Identification of spices and food additives used in fruits and vegetable processing.
  • Study of common food processing equipments such as pulper, sealers, juice extracting machines, autoclaves, corking machines etc.
  • Refrigeration and other methods for storing perishables.
  • Preparation of Fruit Juice. Preservation of fruits juices with addition of preservative.
  • Preparation of common fruit beverages. Determination of Acids in fruits and vegetable products
  • Preparation of tomato juices, puree, sauces, ketchups, soup, paste, chutney etc.
  • Various methods of drying: sun drying, cabinet drying and solar drying.
  • Preparation of Jam, jelly and marmalades.
  • Practical demonstration of sealing pouching machine. Examination of the tetra pack.
  • Industrial Training: Fruits and vegetables processing industry.

Sem 2

  • Preparation of wine
  • Preparation of synthetic vinegars
  • Preparation of preserves, candies, crystallized and glazed and fruit bars
  • Identification of defective cans, Precautions while consuming the canned foods.
  • Freezing demonstration on market sample of frozen fruits and vegetables.
  • Preparations of different types of pickles from fruits and vegetables.
  • Examination of processed products. Cleaning and maintenance of the equipments. Detection of benzoic acid, sulphur dioxide and KMS in fruits and vegetable products.
  • Industrial training in canning industry

Eligibility & Admissions

  • Passed 10th class examination under 10 + 2 system of education with Science or its equivalent
  • Performa for admission may be obtained from the respective State Directorate dealing with Craftsmen Training Scheme or from the Principals of the concerned Industrial Training Institutes/ centers conducting training programme under Craftsmen Training Scheme.

Higher Studies

  • Advance Diploma in Food Processing and Preservation
  • Diploma in Food Processing

Job Prospects

One can pursue higher studies like diploma in engineering after completing the engineering trading course in ITI. Specialized short-term courses for certain trades are also offered in Advanced Training Institutes (ATIs) that hone the candidates’ skill. Many industries/ companies accept ITI graduates only as apprentices and they train the candidates for a period of 6 months to 1-2 years. However the period of training the admission of the candidates may vary from one company to the other. These candidates may be considered suitable for employment only after the training period. Renowned ITIs and ITCs have their own placement cells and candidates after the completion of their trades may be directly recruited by the companies.

ITI qualified candidates can apply for jobs in either private or public sector depending on the trades they are equipped with. Some of the trades that are much in demand are electronics welder refrigeration and air-conditioner mechanic. It is worthwhile to mention that electronics is the basis of almost every field. Therefore it has a very good scope. Electronic mechanic trade graduates can find job opportunities in IT companies and in manufacturing units of electronics equipment.

Both welders and air-conditioner mechanics have good scope both in India and abroad. Job openings of A/C mechanics are available in the different sections of the Public Service Commission (PSC) and in railways where they will be employed as technicians instructors etc. Job opportunities for fitters are enormous in onshore and offshore companies such as oil and gas factories shipyards etc. Candidates with electrician trade can find openings in the electricity board / department for which the recruitment is through PSC (Public service Commission) Exams.

Candidates can also find job opportunities in government organizations like Indian Army Indian NAvy Air force Railways Telecom and paramilitary forces like BSF (Border Security Force) CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) etc. Last but not the least candidates can also be self-employed by setting up their own winding shops garage fabrication shops etc.


  • Quality Analyst – Fruits and Vegetable Processing Industry
  • Assist Supervisor – Fruits and Vegetable Processing Industry
  • Assist Cold Storage Supervisor – Frozen Fruits and Vegetables Industry
  • Assist Packaging Supervisor – Fruits and Vegetable Processing industry
  • Skilled Worker – Food MNC
  • Entrepreneur – Fruits and Vegetables Processing

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