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ITI in Mechanic Machine Tool Maintenance

ITI in Mechanic Machine Tool Maintenance

ITI in Mechanic Machine Tool Maintenance

Mechanic Machine Tool Maintenance is a mechanical vocational trade. The duration of trade is two years with four semesters of six months each. During teaching hours, students are introduced to different topics such as finding malfunctions in production machinery and equipment; repairing and maintaining machinery and equipment in accordance with blueprints, schematic drawings, operations manuals and manufacturer’s specifications. They are also told about operating metalworking machinery and tools like lathe, drill press and grinder to make and repair parts. Trade is career orienting in nature that opens many job options for them in various fields after its successful completion.

Skills Required

  • Students should be innovative and know about common things like performing routine maintenance and determining when and what kind of maintenance is needed as per the situation.
  • They should have the capability of installation like installing equipment, machines, wiring, or programs to meet specifications; and other is operation and control such as controlling operations of equipment or system.
  • They should be active listener such as listening to what other people are saying and asking questions as appropriate.


1st Sem

  • Importance of trade training, List of tools & Machinery used in the trade. Health & Safety: Introduction to safety equipments and their uses. Introduction of first aid, operation of Electrical mains. Occupational Safety & Health Importance of housekeeping & good shop floor practices.
  • Usage of First aid box and practice of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).
  • Marking practice: Marking – straight, parallel and curved lines with odd leg calipers, steel rule, dividers, Scriber. Cut metal pieces of different profiles & sections by hack sawing to accuracy of 0.5 mm.
  • Marking of flat job as per drawing and parallel filing practice within the accuracy of 0.5mm.
  • Filing- flat, square and steps surfaces to an accuracy of 0.4mm. (Measurement by caliper and steel rule).
  • Checking and setting of Vernier calipers, vernier height gauge & vernier bevel protractor.
  • Checking and setting of micrometer. Filing flat, square and steps to an accuracy of 0.3mm (Measurement by Precision Instrument).
  • Transfer of dimensions from drawing to work pieces. Finding center of a round bar with the help of ‘V’ block and marking block.
  • Fixing of hammer handle. Chipping practice on flat surface, slots & oil grooves, and chamfer at different angle on MS plate.
  • Truing of Pedestal grinding wheels. Grinding/Repair and maintenance of ordinary fitter’s hand tools such as chisel, Screw driver, Scriber, Centre punches, dividers, trammel, scrapers and Hammer.
  • Grinding practice of Drill. Use of drilling machine for drilling through & blind holes, counter boring and counter sinking on mild steel (MS) flat. Drilling on cylindrical surface.
  • Filing & fitting mating components by filing within an accuracy of ± 0.15 mm & angular 30 minutes.
  • Practice on dovetail fitting mating components by filing and scrapping within an accuracy of ± 0.10 mm & angular within 30 minutes for cylindrical surfaces.
  • Preparation of flat surfaces and scraping practice on flat surface taking impression on face high spots using prussian blue sharpening by diamond dresser & wheel and lapping stone.

2nd Sem

  • Identification and study of various components of mechanical power transmission assembly System. Dismantling & assembly of Shafts, couplings, keys, gears, bearings, belts, chain pulley, rope pulley. Related hazards, risk and precautions while working.
  • Identification of various types of clutches, clutch arrangements in power transmission system (machine tools), maintenance of clutch mechanism in machine tool. Dismantling & assembly of mechanical & electromagnetic assembly. Related hazards, risk and precautions while working.
  • Installing drive belts, Measuring and adjusting the belt tension. Related hazards, risk and precautions while working.
  • Identification of various types of Gears & Gear boxes. Inspection of various aspects of Gears & Gear boxes such as PCD checking by Cylindrical Pin, Checking of gear tooth thickness, clearance, concentricity & wear etc.
  • Practice on oil removing & filling from gear box. Inspection of the drained oil for contaminants & wear debris with focus on visual inspection.
  • Preparation of coolants. Identification of various parts of cooling systems. Preventive & breakdown maintenance of coolant systems.
  • Demonstration for location & excavation for foundation bolts, method employed for installation & erection of precision & heavy duty machines.
  • Leveling of a machine – Practice on models.
  • Shaft alignment, Pre-check: coupling fit, eccentricity, perpendicularity, with feeler, dial gauge and corrections methods.
  • Safety precautions in dismantling & assembly of Drilling machines. Dismantling and assembly of various parts such as Motors, Spindle & Spindle head, Gear box and Arm.
  • Practice of Lathe tool grinding, tool setting. Lathe operations – plain turning, facing, step turning, undercut, chamfering, grooving, drilling, boring, counter boring, fillet radius within the accuracy of ±0.1mm and its checking of square ness, diameter, length, chamfer, fillets radius using micrometer, vernier caliper and gauges.
  • Dismantling & Assembly of various parts & sub assemblies of lathe such as head stock, apron, saddle, tool post, tail stock etc. Checking & accuracy of lathe after assembly.
  • Holding the job on shaping machine vice, setting of length of ram stroke. Making square block and “V” block. Dismantling & assembly of parts of a shaper machine, Inspection & accuracy of shaper after assembly Simple preventive and breakdown maintenance of Shaping m/c.
  • Project Work.

3rd Sem

  • Arc Welding Setting up of an arc welding machine before start welding considering material thickness, diameter of electrode etc. Edge preparation for arc welding. Practice for straight horizontal and vertical position – Lap, Butt & Tee joint. Practice on pipe joint.
  • Gas Welding Setting up of a gas welding set. Setting of different types of flames with gas welding & adjustment of flame.
  • Identification and familiarisation of various types of hydraulic elements such as pumps, valves, actuators and oil filters. Overhauling of valves.
  • Overhauling of – Hydraulic pumps, Hydraulic actuators.
  • Simulation of hydraulic circuits – Simple hydraulic circuits. Hydraulic circuit reading practice & constructing hydraulic circuits for single & double acting cylinders, meter in, meter out circuit, pressure control circuits & regenerating circuit.
  • Practice on constructing hydraulic circuits.
  • Identification of various types of pneumatic elements such as: control valves, actuators, filter, pressure regulator and lubricator.
  • Overhauling of pneumatic cylinders. Practice on construction of Pneumatic circuit. Practice on construction of two-hand safety pneumatic circuit.
  • Cutting & Threading of pipe. Fitting of pipes as per sketch.
  • Bending of pipes as per drawing. Making pipe joint (flaring and ferrule).
  • Use of different type of valve like: Gate, Globe, butterfly, Diaphragm. Direction control valve, pressure relief valve, non return valve, flow control valve. Assembly and disassembly of valves. Making and replacement of gaskets.
  • Setting of milling cutters, machine vice (job holding device), cutting speed, feed, setting of table movement. Preparation of rectangular block by milling with in an accuracy of ± 0.2 mm.
  • Angular milling (external) & Dovetail milling & calculating roller reading. Concave and convex radius milling.
  • Dismantling & Assembly of various parts & sub assemblies of milling machine such as head stock, gear box, lead screw, table, etc. Checking & accuracy of milling machine after assembly.
  • Procedure for holding of job, setting of machine – stroke length. Practice of wheel balancing. Grinding of parallel and perpendicular surfaces within the accuracy of ±0.02mm, using magnetic chucks and C-clamp.
  • Dismantling & Assembly of various parts & sub assemblies of grinding machine such as grinding head, ,lead screw, table, hydraulic cylinder etc. Checking & accuracy of grinding machine after assembly. Practice of preventive maintenance on grinding machines and Demo with case studies on breakdown maintenance & Trouble shooting.
  • Project Work.

4th Sem

  • Electrical: Safety precautions to be observed while working in electrical shop. Identification of electrical accessories. Making simple wiring circuits and measurement of current and voltage.
  • Testing of power supply (AC & DC) Demonstration of use of test lamp and megger. Connections of DC/AC motors and its speed control – demonstration only.
  • Identification of passive and active electronic components. Observation of waveforms in a power supply using oscilloscope. Verification of logic gate operations.
  • Scope of industrial electronics with reference to its application in machine tools operation. Identification of basic components – such as Resistor capacitors Inductors etc, from their outlook.
  • Study of rectifiers available in different package –lead identification & testing by multimeter. Study of rectifier circuits –half wave full wave & brige rectifiers.
  • Instrumentation Demonstration on various measuring devices Demonstration of PLC Trouble shooting of mechanical elements with case studies.
  • Safety precautions in use & maintenance of hydraulic presses. Dis-assembly of hydraulic power pack from press unit.
  • Practical Demo on CNC lathe / machining centre operation, its essential parts. Functioning of each part. Multi-media demo.
  • Identification of various types of centrifugal pumps, their parts. Overhauling of pump. Priming of pump, Fitting gland packing. Starting and stopping of pumps.
  • Identification of various types of fans, Blowers, their parts. Dismantling, cleaning and assembly of parts. Identification of various types of compressors, their parts.
  • Practice of different type of knots & hitches used in material handling Raving sets of pulley block. Splicing of manila rope. Inspection of wire rope/steel rope/belts.
  • Use of mechanical & hydraulic jack, rope puller, chain puller, chain block, Winch. Inspection of tools and tackles Loading, unloading and shifting of common and uncommon shapes of material.
  • Demonstration on Belt conveyor system, Vibratory screen & feeder. Demonstration & practice on flat belt jointing
  • Revision of Dismantle, inspect and do minor repairs and assemble machine tools such as drill, shaper, lathe and power saw machines.
  • Practice on accuracy testing of machine tools. Logging checklist for machine tools.
  • Preparing inspection checklist, taking measurement with the help of industrial thermometer and temperature gun. Use of vibration meter to take measurement. Fault finding practice & attending breakdowns of equipment available in workshop.
  • Project Work.

Eligibility & Admissions

  • Matriculation with Science and Mathematics or its equivalent.
  • Performa for admission may be obtained from the respective State Directorate dealing with Craftsmen Training Scheme or from the Principals of the concerned Industrial Training Institutes/ centers conducting training programme under Craftsmen Training Scheme.

Job Prospects

  • After passing trade, students can work in the industry as semi-skilled maintenance mechanic of machine.
  • They have good job scopes in the field of fitting, maintenance of drilling, grinding, lathe, shaper, milling, welding machineries, general machine tool maintenance work observing safety precautions.
  • They can also work on dismantle and assemble of various valves, test the accuracy of machine tools; and perform repair on machinery, dovetail slides and assemble with location dowel pins, stud and bolts.

Mechanic Machine Tool Maintenance Trade Job Types

  • Mechanic – Machine Tools Maintenance.
  • Auto Mechanic Diesel.
  • Mechanical Fitter.
  • Compressor Attendant.
  • Brass Finisher.

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