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ITI in Mech Repair & Maintenance of Light Vehicles

ITI in Mech. Repair & Maintenance of Light Vehicles

ITI in Mech Repair & Maintenance of Light Vehicles

ITI in Mech Repair & Maintenance of Light Vehicles is a light vehicle maintenance vocational trade. The trade duration is one year with two semesters of six months each. Candidates are told during trade course about different aspects of heavy vehicles along with other details such repairing gas and diesel commercial trucks and vans; work on the mechanical parts of a truck, such as the engine, wheels, accelerator and brakes; discover problems and issues with different vehicles. This trade is also job offering including self-employment like others in different heavy vehicle companies. There are many ITIs providing this course in the country due to its good demand in motor industry.

Duration : 1 Year.

Qualification : Passed Class 10th Exam under 10+2 system of Education or its equivalent.

Skills Required

  • Students should have the ability to arrange things or actions in a certain order or pattern according to a specific rule or set of rules such as patterns of numbers, letters, words, pictures, mathematical operations as they are necessary while working.
  • They also possess the handling and moving objects skills such as using hands and arms in handling, installing, positioning and moving materials and manipulating things.
  • They also have good communication skills as they have to communicate with supervisors, peers, or subordinates. It provides information to supervisors, co-workers and subordinates by telephone, in written form, e-mail or in person.


1st Sem

  • Familiarization with institute, Importance of the trade Machinery used in Trade. Types of work done by the students in the Institute-shop floor of the Institute.
  • Description of safety equipment their use safety rules to be observed in an Automobiles repair shop.
  • General servicing of vehicles washing, cleaning, oiling, greasing and lubrication of vehicle.
  • Inspection of under carriage of vehicle. Tightening all loose bolts & nuts-use of hydraulic jacks hoist and horses used in the shop selecting materials for packing cutting packing’s and gaskets practice in use of locking devices.
  • Removing wheels from vehicle, dismantling tyres and tubes checking puncture assembling inflating to correct pressure.
  • Inspection the frame checking alignment of frame servicing of spring replacing new bushes in shackle pins changing hushes in shock absorbers-cleaning & lubrication of wheel bearings, adjusting wheel bearings.
  • Removing kingpins and bushes replacing new bushes & plus after removing bushes & lubrication of king pin bushes in the front, independent suspension system.
  • Inspection and overhaul front & rear suspension rear springs, coil spring torsion bars, check up main axle for alignment.
  • Inspect and adjust steering linkages, after replacement of worn parts alignment of steering wheels with respect to front wheel, check and correct toe-in.
  • Inspect and overhaul steering boxes adjusting steering gear backlash, and end play check and adjust toe-in, camber angles checking king-pin angle & caster angle with special gauges.
  • Adjusting brake pedal play dismantling wheel break assembly cleaning and inspecting adjusting brake shoes for proper clearances, bleeding hydraulic brakes & Disk brakes.
  • Removing master cylinder, dismantling cleaning and inspection of parts assembling and testing bleeding the braking system after cleaning the pipelines.
  • Dismantling wheel brake assembly removing old lining & fitting new lining on the brake shoe removing, cleaning of brake drums inspecting wheel cylinders & brake drums-fitting new cups and brake hosepipes.
  • Trouble tracing in braking system of a vehicle adjusting brakes and balancing all four wheel brakes, precautions to be observed while testing brakes points to be remember while preparing the vehicle for brake certificate.
  • Adjusting clutch pedal play removing gear box and clutch assembly from vehicle. Dismantling clutch assembly, cleaning inspecting parts.
  • Removing & fitting of new pilot bearing, removing & fitting of ring gear in fly wheel relining a clutch plate.
  • Assembling of pressure plate adjusting the fingers checking run out of fly wheel and aligning clutch assembly with flywheel.
  • Dismantling a synchromesh gear box, cleaning, inspecting parts replacing worn out defective parts assembling & testing for correct performance identifying noises from gear boxes and rectifying.
  • Dismantling cleaning and assembling of gear shift mechanism changing oil in gear box studying gear ratios in the gear box.
  • Removing open type propeller shaft from vehicle, removing universal joints cleaning replacing worn out parts, re-assembling & refitting to vehicle-special precautions while removing torque tube drive shaft.
  • Project Work.

2nd Sem

  • Removing rear axle assembly from vehicle, dismantling, cleaning, inspecting parts for wear and damage, cutting packing’s/gaskets- removing tail pinion and bearings cleaning and inspection of oil-seals and bearings.
  • Checking tooth contact in crown land pinion and adjusting back-lash assembling the rear axle assembly on vehicles and testing.
  • Trouble shooting in the transmission system of vehicle detecting noises from clutch, gear box, universal joints and rear axle assembly dismantling transfer case from vehicle, cleaning, inspecting replacing worn parts, reassembling & fitting to vehicle.
  • Dismantling of unserviceable engine cleaning studying the parts in the engine and reassembling the engine practice in the use of correct tools and right procedure.
  • Dismantling an unserviceable engine, cleaning of parts in the engine, measuring of cylinder bore.
  • Checking compression pressure in a running engine dismantling the cylinder head from the engine, decarbonising the cylinder head, removing the valves cleaning re assembling and adjusting tappets.
  • Removing pistons and connecting rods from engine, dismantling, cleaning, inspecting, checking clearances installing rings and pistons pins.
  • Removing connecting rod assembly, cleaning & checking bearing clearances, replacing bearing shells, setting correct clearances.
  • Assembling crankshaft, main bearings, connecting rods and piston assembly in the engine, fitting cylinder head and starting the engine.
  • Checking cooling system for overheating cleaning radiators, dismantling, cleaning, assembling and testing water pump, reverse flushing the system.
  • Studying the lubrication oil flow system in engine, overhauling oil filters, oil pump and setting the pressure release valve for correct oil pressure maintenance and repairs in the lubrication system in engine.
  • Simple repairs in fuel feed system overhauling of petrol pump, carburetors, fuel filters & air cleaners.
  • Repairs to solex and S.U. carburetors adjusting float level and slow speed adjustments studying the flow circuit in carburetors.
  • Practice in engine up in a vehicle-testing vacuum and compression of engine, adjusting tappets setting, ignition timing & adjusting carburetors for slow speeds by using of tachometer.
  • Practice in joining wires and soldering forming simple electrical circuits measuring of current, voltage & resistance cleaning and topping up of a lead acid battery testing battery with hydrometer-cell tester, connecting battery to charge.
  • Studying electrical circuit in the engine assembly checking loose open and short circuits cleaning and testing spark plugs.
  • Removing dynamo alternators from vehicle, dismantling cleaning, checking for defects, assembling and testing for motoring action of dynamo & fitting to vehicles.
  • Removing starter motor from vehicle and overhauling the starter motor testing of starter motor.
  • Practice on unserviceable diesel engine-removing jammed nuts, broken studs and reconditioning damaged threaded holes-removing cylinder head connecting rods, and pistons cleaning, inspecting and refitting them.
  • Practice in starting & stopping of vehicle engines, general maintenance of engines-checking oil, fuel, water levels and accessories of diesel engines.
  • Bleeding fuel lines for air locks repairing fuel leaks in the pipe lines and unions cleaning of oil and air filters in diesel engines.
  • Cleaning and servicing of primary fuel filters and pressure stage filters, removing feed pump dismantling cleaning, reassembling, re-fitting and testing the feed pump.
  • Dismantling an unserviceable fuel injection pump, cleaning inspecting, studying parts and reassembling. Removing F.I. pumps from running engine changing oil in fitting back to engine, testing the governor & setting injection timing.
  • Testing injectors for missing on the vehicle removing dismantling, cleaning, inspecting replacing defective parts reassembling the injectors and testing them. Demonstrating retrofitting of vehicles CNG & LPG system Euro II, III, IV.

Eligibility & Admissions

  • Passed Class 10th Exam under 10+2 system of Education or its equivalent.
  • Performa for admission may be obtained from the respective State Directorate dealing with Craftsmen Training Scheme or from the Principals of the concerned Industrial Training Institutes/ centers conducting training programme under Craftsmen Training Scheme.

Job Prospects

  • Candidates who have good academic record can go for further higher Diploma/Degree courses as it enhances their overall qualification.
  • They can have jobs in shipping and trucking industries on various designations from helping to managing.
  • They can also run/open their own heavy vehicle workshop as self-employment.

Mechanic Repair & Maintenance of Light Vehicles Trade Job Types

  • Engineering Associate.
  • Technical Support Executive.
  • Mechanic – Wire-line.
  • Light Duty Mechanic.
  • Dragline Operator.
  • Assistant Motor Vehicles Inspector.
  • Light Diesel Mechanic.

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