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A Course that gives you Peace of Mind

Yoga has been an integral part of Indian culture for many years now. With the world becoming health conscious day by day yoga has again been pushed to the forefront on a global scale as one of the healthiest forms of exercise and to quench the thirst for spiritual peace. Yoga has now become famous all over the world with many countries sitting up and taking notice of the numerous benefits of yoga. The Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga (acronym MDNIY) offers multiple courses in yoga including a diploma course and PG courses too. They also offer a special 50 hour course called Foundation Course in Yoga Science for Wellness (FCYScW) which aims to introduce the fundamental principles and practices of yoga for wellness.


The Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga is an autonomous non profit making institute which was set up by the Department of AYUSH,Government of India to revive the yoga culture and spread the yoga philosophy to all parts of the country. It got its present name in 1998.  Foundation Course in Yoga Science for Wellness (FCYScW) is a course which has eligibility of just a Xth pass certificate from the CBSE board or an equivalent board. The college will consider people without the privilege of a formal education too and at the discretion of the Director could make exceptions.


The course has three major objectives:


  • To introduce basic yogic practices and wellness principles for the common people.
  • To introduce fundamental principles and practices of yoga for healthy living.
  • To promote yoga for disease prevention and health promotion as an approach to holistic health


The course is expected to last a month long but the institute is at the the discretion to make it 2 months or 3 months but it would totally last for 50 hours. Information on the distribution of classes can be easily found on their website. The timings are very flexible.Ideal timings are 7AM to 9AM in the morning and 4:30 PM to 6:30PM in the evening but can be customised too. As the registration is at a first come first serve basis you will have to keep watching the website for a notification on the next course. There are minimum health requirements for this course. A medical certificate has to be submitted at admission. People with any acute/chronic/communicable disease are not eligible for this course.


The fees for the course adds up to a total of Rs.1500 and a total of 50 people are taken in one course. 80% attendance is the minimum requirement and you will be given a certificate at the end of the course. The syllabus to the course can easily be found on their website through the link below.


The institute offers many other courses too which gives you a wide array to choose from. And it would be interesting to explore these courses as University Grants Commission (UGC) recently announced that those holding a diploma in yoga will now get preference in getting selected for degree courses in Physiotherapy.


Visit their website:

Check out the course brouchere:

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