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Arena Animation opens up a Plethora of Career Options

With the media and entertainment field celebrating remarkable growth in the past few years animation and VFX has been pushed to the forefront once again. It opens up  plethora of career options to choose from which could become an integral part of the future of the media and entertainment industry. Arena Animation offers a number of courses ranging from animation to web design which would automatically make you job ready.

Arena Animations offers multiple courses. Their most popular ones being the Animation and VFX courses. Under animation they have 2 courses : Arena Animation International Program(AAIP-Animation) course and the Animation Film Design(AFD) course.


Arena Animation International Program(AAIP-Animation)

This courses intends to train you in all basic aspects of  animation. It will teach you all there is to know about 2D and 3D animation,design visualization and digital sculpting. Golaem Crowd, Projection mapping and augmented reality are all new modules being added into the course. The course is a 24 months course with classes being held for 2 hours a day, 3 days a week at batch timings of your preference. Career options after the course would be 3D animator,3D modeler,rigging artist and similar careers.


Animation Film Design(AFD)

This course focuses primarily on training to become a animation filmmaker. It’s an in-demand course which covers techniques of pre-production,anatomy design,animatics,visualization,character design & development,animation scene planning and 2D animation. The course is 10 month long with classes being held for 4 hours a day,5 days a week at batch  timings of your preference. Careers at animation film production studios , television channels and gaming companies are all possible with this course.

Under VFX they offer two courses : Arena Animation International Program-VFX(AAIP-VFX) course and the VFX Pro course.


Arena Animation International Program-VFX(AAIP-VFX)

This course will basically train you in all aspects of VFX. It teaches 3D modeling,digital sculpting,character animation and rotoscopy. The course opens up many industries including T.V movies, advertisements and even the gaming industry. VFX is becoming more and more popular and demand for artists is only expected to increase. This course is a 24 month course with 2 hours of classes per day,3 days a week at a batch timing of your preference. There is a variety of career options to choose from including VFX artist,texturing artist,matchmove artist etc.



The VFX is a slightly more complex course on Visual Effects than the AAIP-VFX course . It also deals with the basic aspects of visual effects but also matte painting and match moving.  This course readies you more for the industry and gives comprehensive training in more than 4 softwares. It is a 16 month course with classes being held 2 hours a day for 3 days a week at a batch time of your convenience. Careers choices includes matte painter,matchmoving artist,gaming companies etc.


Other than these courses Arena Animation also has courses on Digital Marketing,Broadcast and Multimedia. They are all job oriented courses in fast upcoming industries. Major companies such as Google,Red Chillies Entertainment,Flipkart,T Series all have hired Arena students through placements. The courses can be done while you are pursuing other courses in college and due to Arena Animation;’s presence in almost all major cities in India it would not be tough to find a branch too. It’s an exciting option to look into while choosing your career path.

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