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B.Com(E-Commerce) Course in a World-Class University


B.Com course on E-Commerce is offered in MIT World Peace University,Pune by their School of Commerce and Liberal Arts. In recent times the e-commerce sector has seen exceptional growth and increased competition. The sector is only expected to grow bigger and bigger as many foreign companies and numerous Indian Startups continue to invest huge amounts of money into the sector. As e-commerce takes the commerce world by storm finally the education system has taken notice. A specialized B.Com course on E-Commerce is now being offered. One of the few colleges offering this course is MIT World Peace University.


MIT World Peace University (formerly known as MIT Pune) is a  State Private University based in Pune. It has over the years grown to become a top university not just in the city but the state.

They offer a huge number of courses on subjects such as Engineering, Management, Governance, Law, Economics, Liberal Arts, Science, and Media. It has close to a 1000 strong faculty with about 15,000 students. The School of Commerce in the University was started in 2004 and now offers both Bachelors and Masters courses. The University aims to ‘attain world peace through education’ and is known most famously for it’s Peace Studies Initiative which includes an extra course which comes with every course taken in the college. It considers itself the world’s first university on life transformation.


The Bachelor of Commerce course gives you all the advantages of a normal B.Com course with added specialization in e-commerce. It trains you in business and commerce in theory and in practice, including accounting, marketing and legal knowledge. And at the same you will gain a detailed understanding of creating,funding and managing an internet business. It would ready you to work in the computer technology industry or for internet business. The course will teach you how to sell and buy products online with profit and how to collaborate with business and marketing partners. The course in this University will be using their unique MIT-WPU curriculum which would include the peace studies and trimester pattern etc.


The duration of the course is 3 years like every other B.Com course and works in the trimester format in this University. They have just 80 seats a year for this course which makes it harder to get in. The procedure for getting selected is as follows. Applicants will be required to take the UG-PET, which is their annual entrance exam. After the exam there will be a personal interview.

Merit List in the end would depend on the entrance exam,personal interview and academic credentials, with the entrance exam getting the most weightage.


Presently applications are open for this course and the entrance exam is set to take place from 23rd March in different cities in the country.You will be required to have finished your +2 or anything which is equivalent to that with english subjects to apply for this course. People who have done a three year technical diploma could also apply to this course.


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