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Become a trained work-from-home Maths teacher

Many housewives and retired teachers have looked up to tutions as a viable work from home option in our country. ALthough it is high paying if done right finding students and sometimes not being updated about the change in syllabus etc has made the job very hard. CueMath gives a wonderful opportunity to earn a good amount of money every month by working as a math teacher from home.


CueMath trains you and certifies you as a CueMath teacher. And after that you can officially turn your home into a home-based CueMath centre. All teaching material will be provided by CueMath itself and hence you do not have to worry about that. They will help with the marketing to get kids to sign up for it. You will be teaching kids from KG to 8th Grade. Kids who sign up for it in your area will be assigned to you and CueMath will also help you market it to get more students. You don’t have to have any specific educational qualification to apply. Although the more you’ve studied maths the more it’ll help you. After you apply they will have to select you to go through the training. The job gives you an opportunity to earn upto Rs.40,000 a month.As of now more than 1,50,000 woman have applied to become a teacher and among them more than 2,500 teachers are presently part of the program. Over 20,000 students in over 80 cities in the country have enrolled to this program.


The selection process is hard but if through the results are exceptional. Only one in a hundred applicants usually get selected. During the selection process an applicant is tested on their Math Aptitude, communication skills and motivation to become a teacher. After the teacher is selected

they are put through a rigorous certification program where they are trained on delivering all aspects of the learning system in the most apt manner possible.The training of teachers does not stop once they are certified. The teachers are continuously made to upskill themselves through Cuemath designed courses on higher level math concepts, children’s learning psychology and so on. Each class taken would only have 6 students each and will be taken for an hour. Teachers will spend the 45 minutes of their time working on improving the students understanding of concepts, 10 minutes on  improving the speed at which they solve questions and 5 minutes will be given to the student to explain their rationale on how they solved a math puzzle. The material sent to you by CueMath will help you know what the curriculum is and hence enough time to prepare and be familiar with it. Timings of the class can all be customized and you can take multiple classes too at different times which would mean more money. It’s a unique opportunity to be trained and earn money right from home itself. Training is available in 80 cities which cover most major cities in the country.

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