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Corporate House Keeping

ITI in Corporate House Keeping

ITI In Corporate House Keeping

Corporate Housekeeping is a house keeping expert exchange. The length of time of the course is one semester. There are numerous ITIs offering the exchange this topic. Corporate House-keeping Trade is about the administration of the organization and contract law issues the customer (contract administration, agreeability checking, distinguishing proof of existing business), exploring or drafting the fundamental contracts for the every day business of the customer or post-deal handling. Exchange is a critical one from employment perspective as in the wake of passing applicants can have such a large number of chances in different enterprise administrations both in government and private parts. Understudies have likewise great choice for further higher studies.

Skills Required

  • Applicants ought to be known of that how to clean rooms and other inside and outside zones.
  • They ought to be mindful of that how to do sterile examinations in assigned ranges for purposes of disease control.
  • They ought to have the capacity to watch and report well being infringement alongside effectively partaking in crisis circumstances.
  • Understudies additionally have the ability to plan, allocate and regulate all elements of a housekeeping division and review quarters for upkeep of fitting housekeeping benchmarks.


Acquaintance about corporate housekeeping, its way of life and capacity. Essential idea about Tools and equipment utilized. Fundamental information about the security types of gear and their employments.

  • Upkeep of office equipment, for example, Phone; Fax, Computer, A.C. Machine, Hoofers, vacuum cleaners, columns spry and so on.
  • Capacity to make suitable environment to staff and guests. Make tasteful and suitable game plan of outfitting and keep up stylish shading plan.
  • Expertise to make fundamental bloom game plan in office room; eating/flask corridor. Guarantee fitting lighting and ventilation in distinctive office ranges.
  • Acquire cloth from the store and clothing and check legitimate capacity of it.
  • Practice on material administration, legitimate bookkeeping and keeping of the cloth administration, for example, rugs, shades, upholstery and so on. Check both outer and inward Environmental cleanliness of office premises.
  • Check overhead and underground tank for their legitimate scope, customary chlorination and cleaning of it. Look at the purifier for drinking water, parlors and feasting lobby for the cleaning periodical visit to allocate obligation to staff. Practice on the anticipation of diverse kind of the contamination, for example, Air, water and commotion.
  • Ability gain in avoidance of different vermin control, for example, – mosquitoes„ house flies, Cockroaches and termite. Check office waste transfer:-its gathering, transportation and transfer and so fort
  • Check water conservation facilities provided.
  • Energy conservation method adopted and utilized.
  • Drill on different Type of fire and natural Hazards. Demonstration and instruction by Fire department of fire Brigade,
  • To identify the fire risk area in the office, Detect source of fire. Operate fire alarm, Smoke detector. Practice on Natural hazards crisis management.
  • Check the budget, quality and availability related to housekeeping equipments.
  • Practice on planning, organizing, controlling and monitoring all housekeeping activities in hand for effective utilization of the resources. Maintaining various house keeping records and documents.
  • Technique to be trailed by housekeeping procedure:- By wearing secured dress as coats, gloves and veils. By applying purification splash first and foremost, By devastating all the garments, bedding, material and so on. By cleaning all the furniture and apparatuses with sanitizes materials. By white washing and painting dividers entryways and windows. By cleaning and disinfecting all utensils repositories and so forth.
  • Incorporating the emerging trends in housekeeping such as outsourcing, Eco-friendly Amenities, products and process. New scientific technique. Use of IT in house keeping.
  • Basic operation of computer, window and MS office. Practice on data entry on computer. Internet Browsing and a-mail Practice on Computer.

Eligibility & Admissions

Passed 10th Class Examination under 10+2 System of Education

Higher Studies

  • Diploma in Public Relations and Corporate Communication.
  • B.Com. (Corporate Affairs and Administration).

Job Prospects

  • Understudies with great enthusiasm for study can strive for higher Diploma/Bachelor Degree courses for upgrading educational qualification.
  • After completing the course they have employments scopes in local administrations administration in a hospital or care home organization also.
  • Understudies can likewise discover occupations in occasion focuses, wellbeing spas and private clubs.
  • They have likewise great job choices openly segment such distribution centers, go-downs, and so forth.

Corporate House Keeping Trade Job Types

  • Corporate Care Specialist.
  • Conference Assistant.
  • Corporate Receptionist.
  • Warehouse and Sales Assistant.
  • Executive Assistant.
  • Account Executive.

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