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Craftsman Food Production (Vegetarian)

ITI in Craftsman Food Production (Vegetarian)

ITI In Craftsman Food Production (Vegetarian)

Craftsmen Food Production (Vegetarian) is a professional food making/production (vegetarian) trade. The duration of the course is one year with two semesters with six months. During the trade students are introduced to various techniques of food making and its preservation. The trade covers general aspects of food making. There are many ITIs in the country providing trade due to its importance in today’s food making industries. They are also taught of kitchen organisation-responsibilities and functions of each category of staff working in kitchen inter-relation between the staff of kitchen with bakery and other departments. Trade is career orienting in nature which opens many jobs in various sectors.

Skills Required

  • Students should have the ability to work under pressure; high standards of cleanliness and hygiene and the ability to do several tasks at once.
  • They should have a keen interest in food and cooking; strong communication and leadership skills.
  • They should possess creativity and imagination for food presentation; the ability to work as part of a team and good organisation skills.
  • They are also required to have is to practice his or her cooking techniques on a continual basis as great cooking comes with many years of practice.


1st Sem

  • LPG Stove/Cooking range, Operation of oven set the temperature requirement, Electric Toaster Mixer/Grinder Care and Cleaning or Mixer Grinder, Food Processor and Water Purifiers etc. care and maintenance.
  • a) Personal hygienic Et Care of Skin, Hand, Feet; Food handlers hygienic protective clothing, b) Working area hygiene:- its importance, c) Fire Hazards and first aid contents.
  • Layout of the Kitchen, name different sections of Kitchen, Kitchen organization- Duties & responsibilities of each staff working in a kitchen.
  • Classification of raw materials, preparation of ingredients, method of mixing foods, effect of heat on various foods, weighing and measures texture of food.
  • Culinary terms & also learn the French word for basic food items.
  • Practice on different Types of Flavouring and Seasoning used in Western and Indian Cookery.
  • Demonstration on ingredients movements in mixing.
  • Method of cooking with special application of meat, fish, vegetable, Cheese, Pulses Et egg. Conventional Ft non- Conventional Method of cooking, solar cooking, microwave cooking, fast Vegetable.

2nd Sem

  • Preparation of preserves.
  • Preparation of Snacks, Pickles/Preserve, Chutneys, Sauces, Raita etc.
  • Preparation of Farinaceous Products (Spaghetti & Macroni).
  • Preparation of Simple Horsdoevr.
  • Special Dishes for Lunch/Dinner/Special Functions.
  • Preparation of Six Indian Sweets. Rasgulla Burfee, Balu Shahi, Halwas, Gulab Jamun, jalebi, Gujhias, Phirnee.
  • Preparation of various kinds of Vegetable and Beverages.
  • Preparation of Various kinds baked products.
  • Preparation of Various kinds as cakes, patties, pizza etc.
  • Preparation of different kinds of north Indian food.
  • Preparation of different kinds of south Indian food.
  • Preparation of different kinds of Rajasthani and Gujrati foods.
  • Preparation of various kinds of vegetables, Eggs and mixes Vegetables.
  • Preparation of different kinds of Italian Foods.

Eligibility & Admissions

  • Passed 10th Class exam under 10+2 system of education or its equivalent.
  • Performa for admission may be obtained from the respective State Directorate dealing with Craftsmen Training Scheme or from the Principals of the concerned Industrial Training Institutes/ centers conducting training programme under Craftsmen Training Scheme.

Higher Studies

  • Diploma in Food Production.
  • Diploma in Food Production & Culinary Arts.
  • Diploma in Food Production, Bakery & Confectionery.

Job Prospects

  • Students have so many job scopes in kitchens of 5 star and deluxe hotels; fight catering, cruise liners, restaurants, banquets, food courts, railways, hospitals and multinational hospitality companies.
  • They have also good job opportunities in foreign countries such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, America, Middle East, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.
  • They can also go for further higher Diploma and Bachelor Degree courses for enhancing their overall qualifications.
  • Apart from above everything, self-employment through entrepreneurship is also good option for them.

Craftsmen Food Production (Vegetarian) Trade Job Types

  • Baker.
  • Skilled Knife Operative.
  • Cleaning Operative.
  • Team Operative – Production.
  • Sandwich Maker.
  • Food Safety Associate.
  • Kitchen Team Member.

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