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Dental Mechanic

Dental Mechanic Course

Paramedical in Dental Mechanic

Being a dental hygienist / dental mechanic involves the great & creative responsibility to design the dental structures, make patients know more about their dental health. In general, these professionals work behind the scenes along with the Dentist to give the patients an extra Colgate smile.

Skills Required:

  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to make patients feel ” you are competent” and give solutions that make patients come back to you.
  • Good creative analysis.

Nature of Job:

A dental hygienist / dental mechanic works mainly towards diagnosing the dental problems of a patient. The basic job revolves around assisting a Dentist in making dental ceramics & also be responsible for establishment of better dental care facilities in a clinic. An dental mechanic recommends & designs the dental structures for a patient and is the designer of dental accessories. They also work as assistants to dental surgeons for dental surgeries.



Eligibility & Admission: 

  • The Candidate should have passed the higher secondary school examination or its equivalent (12 years schooling certificate) with not less than 50 per cent marks in English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology taken together or any other equivalent examination of any other country duly recognised.
  • It is necessary to pass in each head of passing (Theory, Practical and Oral) of each subject and the examination as a whole in one and same attempt.


Annual Fee for Dental Mechanic course is Rs.30,000/-

Higher Studies:

Dental Mechanics / Hygienists have enough opportunities to study specialization courses offered as PG courses / PGD courses in premier Institutes of India / Abroad.

Job prospects:

Excellent scope for employment with the Private Practitioners, Dental Laboratories, Dental Institutions,Dental Hospitals, Armed Forces etc.

Being a dental mechanic you can work with flexible timings. Working with a doctor, designing the dental structures, being a consultant & ultimately having one’s own industry of dental ceramics. There is no nine-to-five routine. You work at your convenience.


  • Work in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics & also private dental ceramic agencies.
  • Full time or part time jobs with various hospitals assisting the dental surgeons in surgeries.
  • Private practice, performing dental tests & design of dental structure on recommendation of a Dentist.
  • Opportunities also exist in the armed forces, industry and public health sectors.
  • Own Industry: If u have strong economic background & can handle a company then, setting up an industry to manufacture dental ceramics/ structures is a great investment with high returns.
  • Work Abroad: Gain experience ( 2-3 years ) and look out for a great job in Western countries.

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