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Diploma in Architecture Assistantship

Diploma in Architecture Assistantship

Diploma in Architecture Assistantship

Diploma in Architecture Assistantship is mother of all Arts and a playground for all scientific applications. A good grooming in architecture paves way for an all-knowing-practical-personality.

Architecture assistantship” gives a knowledge of all aspects of architecture profession, building sceneries and construction”

Nature of Job

  1. Diploma in Architecture Assistantship holders are supposed to prepare working drawings of buildings and should have basic knowledge  of the important materials like; stones, bricks, lime, cement, paints, timber, exterior and interior finishes, glass, plastics, building hardware, roofing materials, additives and admixtures, adhesives etc.
  2. To know, design and execute building interiors.
  3. To prepare working drawings of various fittings and fixtures and water supply and sanitary installations.
  4. To prepare the municipal drawings to get them sanctioned from the local development body.
  5. To prepare architectural models.
  6. To create, manipulate and manage 2D drawings for interior projects with the help of Computer Aided Drafting and Design.
  7. To prepare structural drawings, working drawings and detailed drawings of various    components of buildings with the help of graphic representation.


  1. Theory of Design.
  2. Sketching, Lettering and Printing.
  3. Building Construction.
  4. Architectural Graphic Presentation.
  5. Workshop Practice for Architecture.
  6. History of Architecture.
  7. Architectural Building Materials.
  8. Architectural Design.
  9. Climatology.
  10. Theory of Structure.
  11. Surveying.
  12. Structural Design.
  13. Interior Design.
  14. Computer Aided Design and Drafting.
  15. Building services.
  16. Building Bye Laws.
  17. Working Drawing.
  18. Computer Graphics.
  19. Estimating and Specification writing.
  20. Site Planning & Landscaping.

Eligibility & Admission

10+ with Science Subjects or 10th Pass.

Higher Studies

  1. Degree through A.I.I.A.
  2. Degree through A.M.I.E.
  3. Certain Universities admit diploma students in to 2nd year degree course after entrance.

  exams like J.N. Technological University, Hyderabad and some other Universities.


  • Government  Architect’s offices of different state and universities.
  • Teaching jobs.
  • Some percentage of students may find employment in state housing boards, urban development authorities.
  • Diploma in Architecture Assistantship holders mainly assist the architect who is a degree holder in making drawings and supervising the building under construction.
  • In some states local self Govt. does give them license to approve plans of buildings.
  • Self employment scope is very much there.
  • Large percentage of diploma holders in Architectural Assistantship find employment with private architects and also majority of them go for self-employment.
  • In Government engineering offices like P.W.D., Public Health, Irrigation, Town Planning Corporation offices etc. as Draughtsman.

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