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Diploma In Architecture

Diploma In Architecture

Diploma In Architecture

A keen interest in design and fondness for building beautiful structures coupled with technically creative mind is what it takes to pursue your dream career in architectural engineering.This field of engineering, unlike civil engineering, which deals with building structures, focuses on the aesthetic / artistic importance and comfort that add value and give distinctiveness to the structure as a whole.

It equips you with the technical knowledge of structures, its foundation design and optimum use of space available. It teaches you to combine creative design with structural needs of the building. It touches every aspect of building viz. design, materials involved and its components, environmental impact, safety and protection etc.,It is also used as an important tool for design of consumer products that would stand out for its aesthetic value and comfort of use.

Skills Required

  • As an architectural engineering student, you should have a creative imagination coupled with good drawing and design skills.
  • You should also possess good logical and mental capability with strong analytical skill and attention to detail.
  • You should be able to grasp and adapt to new and changing concepts.

Nature of Job

You would be involved in design of – structure and its foundation.

Accommodating and planning the following in a structural design

  • heating and cooling system.
  • electrical, plumbing and fire protection.
  • lighting and acoustics.
  • building communication system.
  • storm water drainage.
  • emergency preparedness (earthquake, floods etc.,).

On the industrial front, you would also be involved in the design of consumer products which retains aesthetic appeal to create uniqueness and market value.


Important topics in your curriculum are listed below –

  • maths.
  • geometry.
  • architectural design and graphics.
  • materials and methods of construction.
  • climate and architecture.
  • structural theory and mechanics.
  • surveying and landscape.
  • structural degradation and treatment.
  • environmental systems.
  • architectural acoustics and interior designing.
  • urban and rural planning.
  • infrastructure planning and design.

Eligibility & Admission

The basic educational qualification for doing a Diploma in Architecture is 12th with Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics  as subjects.

Higher Studies

Listed below are specialisations and related fields available for an architectural engineering student (click each for detailed information).

  • urban designing.
  • regional planning.
  • building engineering and management.
  • architectural conservation.
  • industrial design.
  • landscape architecture.
  • naval architecture.
  • traffic and transport planning, etc.

Job Prospects

In earlier days when structures were meant to be just for the purpose providing shelter. Today every area of construction – residential buildings, corporate houses, hotels, stadiums, complexes, lodges, malls  etc., all are going for aesthetic look – a design that appeals to the people and stands out amongst others.

The country is witnessing a steady growth with construction activities on an all time high. This has created huge demand for architectural engineers to apply technical and creative ideas to build strong and unique structures.

As an architectural engineer, you can find job with–

  • building and construction companies.
  • consulting firms for design and construction.
  • government civil engineering departments.
  • industrial and consumer products and machinery design team.
  • architectural research institutes etc.,


Top 20 Architect companies of India

  • VSA Architect.
  • Edifice.
  • Manchanda Associates.
  • Venkataramanan Associates.
  • Chitra Vishwanath.
  • Sompura Arts.
  • Bharat Patel.
  • Biplab Talapatra.
  • G M Arch Pvt. Ltd.
  • Gulve Architect and Builder.
  • Hemant Navgire Associates.
  • N.D Developers Pvt Ltd.
  • Vasthu Architect.
  • Malwadkar and Malwadkar.
  • Pandit Archengers.
  • Patel Associates Architects.
  • Plywood Kendra.
  • Rachana Architects and Interiors.
  • Sumatech, Inc.

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