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Diploma In Chemical Engineering

Diploma In Chemical Engineering

Diploma In Chemical Engineering

Variety is the best word that can describe Diploma In Chemical Engineering, if you are planning to study this field of engineering.Chemical engineering is about applying chemical principles to solve problems involving the production and use of chemicals and biochemicals.The study equips you in developing and better understanding the use of chemicals involved in medicines, fuels, food, water, raw materials, electronics, clothing etc.,

Skills Required

Academically, good knowledge of chemistry and physics is very important for a chemical engineering student.Chemical engineering being a multi-disciplinary field, good logical and mental capability is required to grasp new and complex concepts.

Nature of Job

What would you do in this profession?

As a chemical engineer, you would use your knowledge to solve technical challenges and overcome technical problems safely and economically.

Scope of work involved in different industries for a chemical engineer are listed here –

  • design equipment and processes for large-scale chemical manufacturing units.
  • design and manufacture of micro chips in electronic industry.
  • using efficient methods for refining in oil refineries.
  • improving food processing techniques in food industry.
  • designing methods of producing fertilisers.
  • improving synthetic materials used in clothing.
  • marketing chemical and other products using technical knowledge.
  • improving use of energy and resources for better production and cost control.
  • water treatment and disposal.
  • research and development.

You may work in an office, a laboratory, outdoors or in industrial plant and even a combination of all the above in one job.


Topics covered in your curriculum?

Important topics in your curriculum are listed below –

  • chemistry.
  • physics.
  • maths and statistics.
  • thermodynamics.
  • measurements and controls.
  • chemical process and plant designs etc.,

Eligibility & Admission

Higher Studies

Post  Diploma – Diploma students can opt for Post Diploma (P.D.) course.

The new field of bioengineering are employing more and more chemical engineers to understand and work on the critical chemical process in body.Research and development will never cease to exist and chemical engineers work revolves around it, the demand for chemical engineers, with time, would only increase.With the development of new chemicals for manufacture of consumer goods like plastics, synthetic fibres etc., job opportunities for chemical engineers in these industries have increased manifold.

You would have a diverse career opportunity and range of jobs from which you can choose.

You will find job in

  • chemical industries.
  • medical and pharmaceutical industry.
  • oil and petrochemical industry.
  • electronic industries.
  • food industry.
  • wine making.
  • mining and metal industries.
  • biotechnological industries and institutes.
  • research organisations.

The salary and increments would depend upon the job position and responsibilities that you have in the industry. The initial pay would depend on your institutional background, grades and the work experience you have gained during your studies.

Employers :A World of Opportunity

Chemical engineers can get the jobs around the globe in a world-class, largely graduate profession. As a career, chemical engineering provides new and exciting opportunities for individual enterprise and career flexibility, with rapid progress to responsible and financially rewarding jobs. Chemical engineers are found in a wide range of industries. They are at the forefront of tomorrow’s scientific and technological development, tackling some of the world’s most urgent problems. They develop and create products that modern society depends on.

The products of chemical engineering are in every shop, office, factory and home in the world. Many of the companies employing chemical engineers are names which are globally recognised, such as Cadbury Schweppes, SmithKline Beecham, Proctor and Gamble, ICI, Esso and Unilever, to name but a few. Such global conglomerates offer exciting opportunities.

In addition to opportunities in large multinational companies, career opportunities also exist in small and medium sized businesses, which often provide technical services to the larger concerns or manufacture specialist products. For the more adventurous, there are opportunities to operate your own business as a consultant within a particular industry sector.

Bright people who are good communicators, motivated, able to work on their own or as a team and interested in a challenge are prime candidates to study chemical engineering at university. A good level of education with a strong scientific element, preferably including Maths and Chemistry, is required.

Completion of a degree accredited by the Institution of Chemical Engineers, and four or five years of industrial experience and training (possibly through a formal training program) can lead to Chartered Chemical. The designatory letters that this confers – MIChemE, and CEng – are the professional benchmarks for successful Chemical Engineers.

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