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Diploma in Library Science

Diploma in Library Science

Library is an integral part of human life. It spreads knowledge and help to enhance the personal skill of the one availing the service. A library is maintained by all educational institutes and public bodies. But to organize and provide quick service with numerous books is really a tough job. It is where one needs the expert help of a diploma holder in library science. Diploma in library science holders are trained to handle all type of books and other objects stored in library.

In a world which is fast changing, the ability to organize and propagate information is becoming more important than ever. While most of us find what we need at the click of a button on the internet, the need for reliable information and verified resources especially for educational purposes means that we have to seek it from a reputable source like a library. With a Library Science qualification, you can be a part of this essential service and have a host of employment opportunities open up for you.

Skills Required

The main aim of this programme is to provide the student with basic skills and knowledge in Library and Information Science.  Its graduates would be able to manage information resources effectively. This would help in efficient collection management and dissemination of information at a lower cadre, while ensuring that the information needs of end users are satisfied.  By the end of the programme the learner should be able to:

  1. Utilize the acquired knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies that will equip them with practical skills to engage effectively in the collection, management and dissemination of information resources.
  2. Understand the role and importance of information management.

Nature of Job

Librarians can work in public, school, academic or special libraries. They can do a wide range of tasks from management to reference work to reader’s advisory to information literacy instruction to systems development and management. Librarians work with information in all fields and connect people with that information. They teach people how to critically analyze the information they find. They can also collect people with great literature, great music or great film. They can change lives.


The course aims in training the students for library organization, library administration, library classification theory and practice, library cataloguing, theory and practice, physical bibliography and selection of books.

Eligibility & Admission

A candidate is considered eligible for diploma in library science if he or she has secondary school leaving certificate or passed higher secondary. A admission test is held for the admission of the student in the course by some institutes but it is generally merit based dependent on the marks obtained in 12th standard.

Higher Studies

There are further opportunities for advanced diploma and master’s degree.

Job Prospects

There are lucrative job prospects for the candidates having diploma in Library science. They are appointed in Schools, colleges, Universities, Clubs, Public libraries.  There are also opportunities in information centers, archives and cultural organizations. A good librarian can also help in teaching library sciences and related topics. Generally the remuneration depends on the qualification, the skill and the organization but a librarian is always well paid.

Full and Part  Time career opportunities exist in:

  • public libraries and regional library services.
  • libraries and resource centers serving colleges, universities, elementary and secondary schools and school boards.
  • special libraries, such as those found in law offices, hospitals, corporations and government departments and agencies.
  • bibliographic utilities, online and library system vendors and electronic publishers.
  • the information services industry.
  • cultural and non-profit organizations.
  • systems departments within large libraries.


The corporate sector is another possible area of employment. Companies, especially large multi-national corporations, and those involved in cutting edge research and development archive all the information produced and acquired. This needs a skilled person to handle the scores of records and documents which can be systematically categorized and retrieved without wasting time and money.

Nowadays, even institutions like hospitals, seek qualified persons to handle the scores of medical records and confidential client information. In these instances, your role would be that of an archivist rather than a librarian. Nevertheless, the ability to sort and source information and documents is essential.

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