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Diploma In Marine Engineering

Diploma In Marine Engineering

Diploma In Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering is a profitable course in the present generation as the graduates are offered very adventurous and high paid jobs in the marine sector. The marine engineering diploma holders are required for providing expert knowledge in various marine sectors like mining in the sea and providing maintenance and assistance in the sailing of the ships and vessels.

Marine engineering is concerned with the manufacture, function and design of system and equipments. It also involves the installation as well as maintenance of the system and equipment. These systems are utilized inside marine vehicles to propel and control it. Besides this, marine engineering also deals with the creation of vehicles that houses crew, cargo or passengers.

Skills Required

The students must possess good and sound mental and physical health. This course is generally meant for male candidates.

Nature of Job

Marine engineers are responsible for the complete technical management of the ship. Marine Engineering has two major aspects: off board and on board. Off board marine engineering implies design and construction of technical aspects of a ship like engines, turbines and other systems in the ship and other marine vehicles. On board marine engineering implies the operation and maintenance of all these equipment’s and systems on a ship or any other marine vehicle. The importance of marine engineering has grown with new innovations in the fields of navigation.


The 3 year Diploma in marine engineering and 1 year in nautical science is provided and the candidates are evaluated on the basis of their performance in practical and theory. The marks are awarded on the basis of continuous formative examination and end semester examination. The students are trained for specialization on smooth functioning and improving efficiencies of steam engines, turbines, motors, propulsion engines, plants. The syllabus mainly focuses on the topics like the basic theories of oceanic thermal energy, fuel cells, superconductivity, magneto-hydrodynamics.

Eligibility & Admission

The minimum requirement for the diploma in marine engineering is a pass certificate of class 10 levels along with a +2 degree in Physics, chemistry, maths. Biology is considered as an advantage. An entrance exam is held for admission into the course. The eligible candidate has to appear for a medical fitness tests according to the institution norms.

Higher Studies

  • M.E Marine Engineering.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Marine Engineering.
  • M.Sc Marine Engineering.
  • M.Sc Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management.
  • M.Sc Marine Studies and Coastal Resource Management and Higher National Diploma in Marine Engineering.

Job prospects

The diploma holders in marine engineering are offered rewarding and adventurous jobs in the sectors like Navy, Merchant Navy, and Directorate General of Shipping, Ports, and Manufacturing Industries. The pay scale is according to the skill of the candidate and the employing companies.


After finishing the course, the candidates will get employed with The Indian Merchant Navy. The Merchant Navy mainly includes passenger vehicles, tankers, oil carriers and liners in addition to other kinds of specialized ships. These Navy ships are operated either by the government or the Private sector. The candidates can choose and join a ship of their choice. At the initial stage, a candidate can join as a Junior Engineer.Furthermore, it is possible for marine engineers to find employment in diverse fields like consulting, designing, education, research as well as training in the allied field.

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