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Diploma in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations for women

Marketing,advertising and Public Relations are words that now are an integral part of every corporate in the world. These three industries have galloped to become fundamental for the survival of any company. These industries provide very lucrative and interesting career opportunities. So a Diploma in one of them would greatly benefit anyone looking for respectable career. But a diploma in all three would be even better. And that’s exactly what Polytechnic for Women,Delhi has to offer.


Polytechnic for Women was established by The Educational Society of Professionals & Vocationals in 1979 and has over the years grown to become one of  the premier vocational institutes in the country. The Institute is recognized by the UGC and has Graduate and Post Graduate courses too.


The Marketing,Advertising and Public Relations course is available in a short term one year course or a Two-year Diploma course. The course can be taken up after your 10th/12th or even your graduation. Different Syllabuses run for the two courses but they both work on the same core idea. This course will instill in the students, the correct skills to acquire strategies & tactics to plan, deliver, manage & evaluate marketing, advertising & P.R. campaigns. It will give you a practical understanding of the field and will prep you up to understand the mind of the customer.


The first year which will be the only year for those opting for the one year course will cover a range of topics that include evolution of marketing,philosophy of marketing,budgeting and planning,Advertising budget and media,Graphic Design,Theories of Communication etc. This will be a heavy here which will have topics on all three major subjects and at the same time have Group discussions, Projects and even an internship by the end of the year. The first year will have a total of 28 subjects. The first year will be the only year of study for the students who are applying for the short term one year course. The first year teaches enough to give those applying for the short term course enough knowledge and experience to survive in the industry. The first year covers each of the three subjects in detail with ten marketing subjects, six advertising subjects and five Public Relations subjects.


The second year will get slightly more in-depth and more enjoyable .The subjects range from

Brand Equity, Relevance of Marketing in Indian Industrial Growth, Advertisement Production & Campaign Planning, Partnership in PR, Press Relations etc. This year focuses on very specific topics and goes a little deeper into the core subjects. In this year too Projects and Research work is expected of you and so is an internship at the end of the year.


This course will open up an array of career options. Which include  Media Planners Art Directors, Graphic Designers, Copywriters, Media Researchers in Advertising Agencies. They also work as Marketing Executives, Business Development Officers in Multi-National Companies, Banks etc. Other than these conventional options this could also open up management positions in various Media Companies.


For more information on these courses visit their website:

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