Diploma In Mechanical Engineering

Diploma In Mechanical Engineering

Diploma In Mechanical Engineering

Have you been eager to know the brain work that makes those wonderful machines built by humankind move? How does it generate the power to make the perfect movement in different conditions?.

Almost anything that relates to motion – whether machines or a structure, involves the brain of a mechanical engineer.

A study in mechanical engineering, hence, will equip you with this basic knowledge of movement and the power / energy that is involved, which makes it possible.

scope of study and the flexibility of career choice enjoyed by this field of engineering is unmatched by any other field.

Mechanical engineering study is applied in the design and control of systems and processes involved in – manufacturing plants, automobiles, aircraft’s, machine tools, air-conditioning, refrigeration, boilers, power plants, fuel processing etc.,

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
Do the latest inventions and creative products make you sit up and want to know how they came about? Does a versatile and broad-based engineering course that opens doors to a wide array of careers excite you? With the Diploma in Mechanical (ME), you can look forward to creating and designing products for diverse sectors. You will gain a strong foundation and become a competent mechanical engineer.

This practice oriented course will provide you with the latest computational skills and technology to be at the forefront of the industry. ME’s strong emphasis on design empowers you for value-added engineering jobs such as the generation and use of energy, creation of new materials, process design, and the manufacture of a wide array of products ranging from home appliances to medical devices.

Skills Required

Mechanical engineering is greatly influenced by ever changing technological advancement.

Hence, as a student, along with having a good technical and communication skill should also possess sound logical capability to interpret complex and changing concepts.

Nature of Job

In general, mechanical engineers are involved in the working related to motion of a particle or machinery and energy transfer from one position to other in a system.

The job varies from the field of specialisation and the career path you have chosen.

Basically, a mechanical engineer’s work involves –

  • Design and control of system that goes into the process of manufacturing the machinery and product.
  • Testing of new systems.
  • Quality management and improvement.
  • Marketing products and systems.


Mechanical engineering curriculum covers the following major topics:-

  • Maths.
  • Physics.
  • Thermodynamics.
  • Fluid mechanics.
  • Heat transfer etc.,
  • Machine tool design.

Eligibility & Admission

Diploma in Mechanical can be done after Class 10th-where the duration of course will be 4years.It can be done after Class 12th  with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics or equivalent,the duration of the course will be for 3 years.

Higher Studies

Listed below are specialisations and related fields available for a mechanical engineering student after graduation/diploma.

  • automobile engineering.
  • biomedical engineering.
  • environmental engineering.
  • nuclear engineering.
  • nanotechnology.

Career prospects

If one enquires a field of study that had guaranteed equal demand in the past and in the coming future – its mechanical engineering.

With its wide scope of application, mechanical engineers remain always in demand, no matter which part of the world.

You can find job in the following industries:-

  • Manufacturing.
  • Automobile.
  • Power.
  • Aeronautical.
  • Biotechnology.


  • Maruti.
  • Hind Motor.
  • TATA.
  • SAIL.
  • BHEL(recruit some mechanical engineering student).
  • Indian Railway etc.

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