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Nursing Assistant

Paramedical in Nursing Assistant

Paramedical in Nursing Assistant

Do you want to provide compassionate care to the suffering patients? If you have a zeal for caring then, you should opt for Nurse Aide Training program, to get certification and work legally in health care centers and hospitals as Certified Nursing Assistant.

Certified Nursing Assistant is a very important part of a medical team in long term care units or hospitals. They offer competent nursing care to ailing patients, offer them or their family moral supports and work as an ear and eye for the registered nurse and work under them in numerous health care centers.

The certified nursing assistant assists in the basic human needs of the healthcare profession. They may help to bathe patients, feed them, change diapers or beds, empty bedpans, and help patients to bathroom or toileting facilities. They are also trained to take vitals, which are measurements of pulse, blood pressure, and respiration, and are responsible for charting vitals several times during each shift. The nursing assistant also needs to be fully aware of any changes in vitals, and any significant changes in a patient’s condition, and report such to the nursing staff.

In facilities where patients are hospitalized for long periods of time, it is usually the nursing assistant, sometimes with the help of hospital orderlies, who will help patients turn over every couple of hours so they don’t develop bedsores. A nursing assistant may be the first responder when a patient calls for help, and the job can require some pretty heavy lifting when patients who are ill or recovering need to get up to walk around, change their clothing, or get to the bathroom. It requires some physical strength and knowledge of safe lifting tactics to work as a nursing assistant.

Skills Required:

Personal Hygiene, Patient Hygiene,Vital Signs,Exercise,Bed-Making.

Nature of Job:

The nursing assistant is an important part of the nursing care team. A nursing assistant is a person who, under the direction of a licensed nurse, performs basic nursing and assistant restorative services for patients and clients which involve:

  • Safety.
  • Comfort.
  • Personal Hygiene.
  • Basic Mental Health.
  • Protection of the Patient.
  • Protection of Patient Rights.
  • Observation and Reporting.


Certified nursing assistant education will include subjects such as anatomy, nutrition, basic health care and skills in personal care.

Eligibility & Admission:




Higher Studies:

Licensed Practicing Nurse / LVN: Licensed Vocational Nurse, Registered Nurse, If you are interested in specialty training or research, a Master’s of Science (MSN) degree in nursing may be your choice. This qualifies one for advanced nursing work, teaching or performing and assisting in medical research.

Job prospects:

Job prospects for nursing assistants looks very good for the near future. There is an expected 21%-35% growth in the job market over the next decade. This exceptional growth is attributed to the rapidly growing older population that will demand more emphasis on rehabilitation and long term care. As a result, a major employer in this sector will be nursing homes and long term care facilities for people with chronic illnesses and disabling conditions. Replacing current employees will be the major source of openings for nursing assistants.


Nursing assistants work in a variety of different health care settings. These include hospitals, physician’s offices, home health agencies, nursing homes, private homes, and mental health institutions. They are on their feet most of the time and may be required to lift and move patients, so physical fitness is a plus.

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