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Govt. Industrial Training Institute Vittallpur SamdurTq., Bellary District.

Govt. ITI Vittallpur Samdur Tq., located in Bellary, Karnataka, specializes in ITI trades and stands out as the premier Industrial Training Institute in the Bellary district. This esteemed institution was founded in the year [year of establishment needed]. You can find it at Govt. ITI Vittallapur, Samdur Tq., in the Bellary Vitta area, marking it as a key educational landmark in the region.

Sl No.Courses
1 ITI – Electrician
2ITI – Electronic Mechanic (EM)

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Address: Govt. ITI Vittallapur Samdur Tq., Bellary Vitta
Karnataka District: Bellary
State: Karnataka

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