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I am the change Scholarship

Brief: ‘I am the change scholarship’ is an initiative of Team Everest NGO through which we provide scholarship for 100 students to do their graduation.

Started In: 2016

Location of the Initiative: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

No of Students Sponsored: 100

Student selection criteria (Student Should meet all the below mentioned criteria):

1. Good Academic Scores:The student should have scored more than 70% in Plus-2 exam)

2. Family Background:Parentless or Single Parented or affected by Dec 2015 Chennai Floods

3. School Type: Should have studied Plus-2 in Govt/Govt Aided or Corporation Schools

4. Financial Status: Family incomes should be less than Rs 2,00,000

5. Merit Quota: Students who get admission under merit are only eligible for this scholarship. Management quota students are not eligible for this scholarship

6. Student Location: Student should stay and study in any of the Chennai Colleges.

Average cost per Student Per year:Rs 35,000

a) Up to Rs 30,000 to all students irrespective of streams

b) Additional Rs 5000 per year for student training, internship programs

Additional Program by Team Everest for students:

1. Employability Training: We will be conducting 100 hours of training per year till the student finish graduation to make them employable ready.

2. Internship: All students will do ‘Internship’ with NGO’s to learn various skills practically and to serve the society while studying.

3. Corporate Visits/In Plant Training: Students will be taken to various corporates and industries to help them gain practical knowledge.

Contact Details


Contact No: 89396 12365



For more details & Eligibility, Terms and Conditions please refer the Website : I am the change Scholarship

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