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ITI in Pump Operator cum Mechanic

ITI in Pump Operator cum Mechanic

ITI in Pump Operator cum Mechanic

Pump Operator cum Mechanic is pump mechanical vocational trade. The duration of trade is one year with two semesters of six months each. Candidates are taught during class hour topics like how to repair pumps of machinery like examining pumps for malfunctioning and to locate damage or wear such as blowout packing, misalignment of pump shaft, slippage of drive belt, worn bearings or need for lubrication; observe operation of pumps and feels for heat and vibration of parts to detect cause of malfunctioning; dismantle pumps and performs repairs, such as cleaning impellers, repacking stuffing boxes, tightening glands and replacing bearings, using hand-tools. The trade is good from job point of view as it opens good self-employment opportunities along with private and government jobs.

Skills Required

  • Students should have good physic and capacity to repair pumps such as centrifugal, plunger types etc., according to specifications for pumping water, oil, air etc., dismantle pump using hand tools and examines mechanism to locate faults.
  • Applicants should have good knowledge and quick mind as they have to guess to find damage and then repair defective parts or obtain replacements, set them in position and assembles pump.
  • They should have good subjective knowledge and communication skills which are good for dealing with different types of personalities.


1st Sem

  • Familiarisation with institute, Job opportunities in the automobile sector, Machinery used in Trade. Types of work done by the students in the shop floor.
  • Practical related to Safety and Health, Importance of maintenance and cleanliness of Workshop. Interaction with health centre and fire service station to provide demo on First aid and Fire safety, Use of fire extinguishers.
  • Practice using all marking aids, like steel rule with spring calipers, dividers, scriber, punches, Chisel etc., Layout a work piece- for line, circle, arcs and circles. Practice to measure a wheel base of a vehicle with measuring tape.
  • Measuring practice on Cam height, Camshaft Journal dia, crankshaft journal dia, Valve stem dia, piston diameter, and piston pin dia with outside Micrometers.
  • Practice on General cleaning, checking and use of nut, bolts, & studs etc., Removal of stud/bolt from blind hole.
  • Practice on Marking and Drilling clear and Blind Holes, Sharpening of Twist Drills Safety precautions to be observed while using a drilling machine. Practice on Tapping a Clear and Blind Hole, Selection of tap drill Size, use of Lubrication, Use of stud extractor.
  • Practice on making Rectangular Tray. Pipe bending, Fitting nipples unions in pipes. Soldering and Brazing of Pipes.
  • Practice in joining wires using soldering Iron, Construction of simple electrical circuits, Measuring of current, voltage and resistance using digital multimeter, practice continuity test for fuses, jumper wires, fusible links, circuit breakers.
  • Diagnose series, parallel, series parallel circuits using Ohm’s law, Check electrical circuit with a test lamp, perform voltage drop test in circuits using multimeter, measure current flow using multimeter /ammeter, use of service manual wiring diagram for troubleshooting.
  • Cleaning and topping up of a lead Acid battery, Testing battery with hydrometer, Connecting battery to a charger for battery charging, Inspecting & testing a battery after charging, Measure and Diagnose the cause(s) of excessive Key-off battery drain (parasitic draw) and do corrective action.
  • Identify and test power and signal connectors for continuity, Identify and test different type of Diodes, NPN & PNP Transistors for its functionality, Construct and test simple logic circuits OR, AND & NOT and Logic gates using switches.
  • Practice to make straight beads and Butt, Lap & T joints Manual Metal Arc Welding. Setting of Gas welding flames, practice to make a straight beads and joints Oxy – Acetylene welding Film on Heat treatment process.
  • Practice on Liquid penetrant testing method and Magnetic particle testing method. Identification of Hydraulic and pneumatic components used in vehicle.
  • Identification of different type of Vehicle. Demonstration of vehicle specification data; Identification of vehicle information Number (VIN).

2nd Sem

  • Identification of different type of stationary Engine and their applications. Familiarisation with diesel engines, tools and equipment required for maintenance, engine parts and their handling technique. Starting and stopping of engines. Running of engines and checking temperatures, fuel oil pressure and consumption on load and engine speed.
  • Cleaning of fuel tank, checking leaks in the fuel lines. Cutting, flaring of tubes to make T & Elbow fitting using unions. Fitting of lubrication pump oil filters, air filters, checking and adjusting of oil pressure. Preventive maintenance & repairing.
  • Practice on troubleshooting in for Engine Not starting – Mechanical & Electrical causes, High fuel consumption, Engine overheating, Low Power Generation, Excessive oil consumption, Low/High Engine Oil Pressure, Engine Noise.
  • Familiarization with plain/journal bearings, anti-friction bearings used on machine assembly. Specification Mounting of bearing on shafts and in housing with proper fit & axis alignment. Use of proper tools.
  • Identification of different pumps, its components, prime movers. Practice on operational safety Dismantling of reciprocating pumps- valves, pistons, cranks, seals etc. for inspection, repair & replacement.
  • Dismantling of rotary pumps- impeller, shaft, bearing etc, for inspection, Repair & replacement. Cleaning of parts and assembling.
  • Servicing of pumps and valves of general purpose and of corrosive fluids. Selection of gasket, packing & gland materials, marking & cutting off gasket as per shape & profile.
  • Installation of seals leather polythene, asbestos, rope rubber and mechanical seals. Maintenance of lubrication systems.
  • Installation of stationary & coupled pumps, checking and correcting of alignment of pump with its prime movers and its serviceability test.
  • Reconditioning of centrifugal pumps.
  • Dismantling identifying of parts, finding out defects, repairing, and replacement of components, cleaning, assembling, installing and testing of submersible pumps.
  • Identifying and rectifying defects of pump sets. Practice on preventive & scheduled maintenance of pump sets.
  • Familiarization with the safety precautions to be followed for electrical work. Treatment for electrical shock.
  • Verification of Ohm’s law. Building up of electrical series, parallel and combination of series & parallel circuits. Measurement of current, voltage resistance.
  • Identifying of A.C motors, their testing, identifying terminals, connecting running & reversing.
  • Practice on making out key as per shaft, hub, keyways, preparing keys to fit into keyways.
  • Identifying, selecting, use of different types of ropes such as hemp, manila, nylon, wire etc. Practicing different types of knots and its applications.
  • Use of different types lifting tackles both mechanical and hydraulic such as – Screw jacks, chain pulley block, crabs and winches, rollers and bars, levers, lashing and packing.
  • Making different types of keys for fitting pulleys, Assembling and dismantling of bushes, bearings and couplings maintaining safety.
  • Project Work

Eligibility & Admissions

Passed 10th class examination under 10+2 system of education with science or its equivalent.

Job Prospects

  • Students after passing trade successfully can work in mechanical operating services at different places such as in crane companies, truck, etc.
  • Students good at study can go for further higher degrees like Diploma/Bachelor as they get good base at this level.
  • They can also run/open their own mechanical pump repairing shop in any potential market as self-employment.

Pump Operator cum Mechanic Trade Job Types

  • Pump Operator.
  • Pump Service Mechanic.
  • Pump Fitter.
  • Dealers’ Service Mechanic.
  • Spare Parts Sales Assistant/Manufacturers’ Representative.
  • Laboratory Assistant.
  • Self Employment.
  • Pump Service Mechanic.
  • Spare Parts Salesman.
  • Spare Parts Dealer.

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