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ITI in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

ITI in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

ITI in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Air-conditioning control the temperature, moistness, and the aggregate air quality in private, business, mechanical, and different structures. By giving an atmosphere controlled environment, refrigeration frameworks make it conceivable to store and transport sustenance, pharmaceutical, and other perishable things. Cooling, and refrigeration mechanics and installers—additionally called professionals introduce, keep up, and repair such systems.

Cooling, and refrigeration frameworks comprise of numerous mechanical, electrical, and electronic segments, for example, engines, compressors, pumps, fans, conduits, pipes, indoor regulators, and switches. Experts are regularly needed to offer administration contracts to their customers. Administration contracts accommodate normal upkeep of the warming and cooling frameworks.

Refrigeration mechanics introduce, administration, and repair modern and business refrigerating frameworks and a mixed bag of refrigeration hardware. They take after diagrams, outline determinations, and producers’ guidelines to introduce engines, compressors, consolidating units, evaporators, channeling, and different parts. They associate this gear to the ventilation work, refrigerant lines, and electrical force source. In the wake of making the associations, cooler mechanics accuse the arrangement of refrigerant, check it for legitimate operation and breaks, and system control frameworks.

At the point when cooling and refrigeration specialists administration gear, they must utilize consideration to save, recoup, and reuse the refrigerants utilized as a part of ventilating and refrigeration frameworks. The arrival of these refrigerants can be hurtful to the earth. Specialists ration the refrigerant by verifying that there are no breaks in the framework; they recoup it by venting the refrigerant into legitimate barrels; they reuse it for reuse with extraordinary channel dryers; or they guarantee that the refrigerant is appropriately discarded.

Ventilating, and refrigeration mechanics and installers are capable at utilizing a mixture of instruments to work with refrigerant lines and air channels, including sledges, wrenches, metal cuts, electric drills, channel cutters and binges, estimation gages, and acetylene lights. They utilize voltmeters, thermometers, weight gages, manometers, and other testing gadgets to check wind stream, refrigerant weight, electrical circuits, burners, and different segments.

Nature of Job

Specialists may work outside in cool or hot climate, or in structures that are uncomfortable in light of the fact that the ventilating or warming gear is broken. Likewise, specialists may work in ungainly or cramped positions, and here and there they are obliged to work in high places. Perils incorporate electrical stun, blazes, muscle strains, and different wounds from taking care of substantial equipment.


  • General Engg. Training.
  • Servicing Domestic ref. Appliance.
  • Servicing Semi-commercial Ref. Appliance.
  • Servicing Cold-storage-small Capacity.
  • Servicing Air Conditioning Plant Small Capacity.
  • Repair & Maintenance Domestic & Semi Commercial.
  • Appliance.

Eligibility & Admission

Pass in 10th class examination under 10+2 system of education with Science and Mathematics or its equivalent.

Job Prospects

Occupation prospects for air-conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics and installers are relied upon to be incredible, especially for the individuals who have finished preparing from a certify specialized school or a formal apprenticeship.


Cooling, and refrigeration mechanics and installers work in homes, retail foundations, clinics, office structures, and manufacturing plants anyplace there is atmosphere control gear that needs to be introduced, repaired, or adjusted. They may be alloted to particular occupation locales toward the start of every day or may be dispatched to a mixture of areas on the off chance that they are making administration calls.

Some work for refrigeration and cooling administration and repair shops, schools, and stores that offer warming and air-conditioning systems.

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