Reasons to choose Commerce in 11th standard

To be successful when you are studying be it journalism, law or engineering, we have to study and clear 11th standard. Therefore it is very important to choose the right stream when you are studying in 11th standard. This will set the path for the courses in future and secure a better education. There are three major streams that you can choose in 11th standard, these are commerce, Arts and Science. There are several reasons to choose any of these streams. Below are some of the reasons to choose commerce in 11th standard.

What are the subjects included in commerce?

If you are choosing commerce then you will be offered subjects such as Accountancy and Business Studies but English will be a mandatory subject. Commerce covers areas such as business and trade. Maths, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Law and other subjects based on the school and the institute the student is studying in.

What are the benefits of choosing commerce?

The benefits of choosing commerce are:-

Commerce deals with subjects such as business world, management, accountancy, economics, etc. It is in a lot of demand due to the constant rise in business and the demand for trained people in this stream. It opens doors for international opportunities which are high paying posts as well. With ample experience they can start their own ventures.

What are the disadvantages of choosing commerce?

Commerce requires economic skills and also business management along with the capability to be efficient with the current change in the markets or businesses. Students should have good knowledge in Mathematics and should be capable of crunching numbers. One more disadvantage to keep in mind is when choosing commerce you cannot change it to science later.

Courses to choose after the completion of 12th standard.

There are several courses that you can choose after the completion of 12th standard and these are B.COM( Bachelors in Commerce, B.Eco( Economics), BBA LLB or B.Com LLB(Law), CA (Chartered Accountancy). Apart from these students can also study BBA ( Business Administration), CS ( Company Secretary) BMS ( Business Management) BFA ( Chartered Financial Analyst and  Accounting), BEM ( Event Management) and BHM ( Hotel Management) are also available to students.

What career opportunities are there in the field of commerce?

Every stream or field provides several different and exciting career options along with it. Several students choose courses that are related to diverse streams or a blend of two streams in the aspiration of getting better job prospects and learn several skills. There are more than enough choices but you should try to choose the one which you are more inclined towards.

The careers options to the commerce students are jobs in Business, Banking, Accounts and Finance. They can also go for Chartered Accountant, Management Executive, Company Secretary, Corporate Lawyer, Finance Analyst, Finance Planner and an Investment Banker. Further, jobs like those of a Manager, HR Executive, Chief Executive Officer, Insurance Officer, Portfolio Manager, Tax Auditor, Tax Consultant, Economist, Statistician and Account Executive are also available. Jobs in Stock Broking, Foreign Trade, Foreign Investment, Auditing and jobs at MNC’s.


In short there are five main reasons to choose commerce in 11th standard. And these are

Better job opportunities which are high paying. It also make your mind sharp and makes you realize the importance of leadership.

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