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PUC-Science V/s Commerce

PUC science vs commerce

SSLC results are out and it is now time to make one of the most important choices of your life. Confused about the next step? Don’t know which stream to take? This article is here to make your life easier. We will talk about two streams,science and commerce both which the PUC Board offers. Read this to get an idea about the two streams which will make your decision easier. Even if you aren’t planning of studying in the PUC Board this article gives general information that can be of immense use even to people who are going to study in a different board.

Firstly, a little about PUC itself.

PUC is the most preferred step after 10th grade in Karnataka. It’s a two year course which ends with one board exam at the end of the second year. It is offered in three different streams: Science,Commerce and Arts/Humanities. You will have to study 4 core subjects which will depend on which stream you are in along with 1st language(English) and a 2nd language (more than 10 different languages are available). It is the most accepted qualification for graduation. There are many colleges which offer classes in the evening too which makes it very easy for those who wish to earn while they are studying.


The science course deals with subjects such as Chemistry,Biology,Physics. It is considered the elite course in our country and is arguably the toughest of the three. It gives you the scientific perspective of things and readies you to pursue pure science careers such as Medicine,Pharmacy,Research etc. Science enthusiasts and even math enthusiasts would love this course. This stream would open up the options of pursuing Medicinae Baccalaureus, Baccalaureus Chirurgiae(MBBS/Medicine), Bachelor of Dental Surgery(BDS),Bachelor of Pharmacy(B. Pharm),Bachelor of Engineering(B.E)-All streams,Bachelor of Science(B.Sc) and similar courses after your 12th grade. If you wish to pursue engineering or medicine both of which are widely sought after in India you will have to have a science background in your 11th and 12th. One of the biggest advantages of taking up science in your PUC is that you can still pursue Commerce and Arts degrees in your graduation even if you have studied science in your PUC. If you wish to enter the scientific research field or embrace the next big thing, biotech or become a doctor or engineering science is the right course for you.


Commerce deals with subjects such as Economics and Accounts and gives you knowledge and the require skills to run a company,manage your accounts,market your product,how to maximize your profits etc, Basically anything to do with a business and money. Commerce has been the preferred stream in our country and opens up a wide arena of options for you to choose from as a career choice. Taking up the commerce stream would open up the option of pursuing Bachelor’s of Commerce(BCom),Bachelors of Business Management(BBM),Bachelors of Business Administration(BBA),Chartered Accountancy(CA) and similar courses after your 12th grade. You can pursue a graduation in either a commerce or arts course after completing your PUC in commerce. But you will not be able to take up science going forward. To become a Chartered Accountant taking up commerce would be a good choice. Many companies especially KPOs and BPOs prefer employees from accounts and finance backgrounds.

PUC science vs commerce

I hope this is of major help to you guys. It is very important to make the right choice going forward for every choice you make now will go on to influence the rest of your life immensely.

Although this article is informative it should not be the ultimate decider. What would be a good first step is taking an aptitude test and getting a career counselor to help you plan your future according to the results of the aptitude test. Click here to get help to decide your future.

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