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X Ray Technology

Paramedical in X-Ray Technology

Paramedical in X Ray Technology

Medical Science /  X Ray Technology  has made tremendous advances in last two decades. The new diagnostic methods like, Ultrasound. C.T., NMR etc., have revolutionised the medical practice to arrive at correct and accurate diagnosis. WHO have already envisaged One X- ray unit to be attached to every primary health centre thus creating the need for trained para medical personnel in X-ray technology. On the horizon of cancer treatment, radiotherapy plays a crucial role. All modern cancer treatment centres are equipped with radiotherapy units which have an essential requirement of trained paramedical personnel in radiotherapy.

The vocational course of X-ray technican aims at meeting the demand for trained para medical personnel in the field of radiology/radiotherapy. The trained personnel will help in providing better radiological services leading to optimum utilization of the available resources.

Two Years X Ray Technology Subjects

1st Year, 2nd Year.

(i) Anatomy & Physiology.

(ii) General Physics.

(iii) Radiography-I.

(iv) Special Investigation-I.

(v)Radiation Physics.

(vi) Dark Room Tech.

(vii) Radiography-II.

(viii)Spl. Investigation-II.

Practical and internal assessment , Viva-Voice.

One Year X-Ray Technology  Subjects

i) Anatomy & physiology.

(ii) General Physics.

(iii) Radiation Physics.

(iv) Dark-Room Procedures.

(v) Radio graphic Techniques.

(vi) Radiography (Spl. Investigation) Procedure.

Practical and internal assessment,Viva – Voice.

X-Ray Technology Eligibility & Admission:

Minimum Qualification for Admission Matric, 10+1, 10+2. B.Sc., B.A., B.Com. or any equivalent Qualifications.

Job Prospects:

X-ray technician course is very lucrative, offering, bright career prospect.

a.) The Diploma holder will be suitable for appointment as X-ray Technicians / Assistants in Private Hospitals / Nursing Homes or with Private Medical Practitioners etc.

b) The Diploma holder may open his/her own X-ray Centre in any part of the country. Subject to state Law’s or under the supervision of Medical Professional / Radiologist / Cardiologist.


  • Medical College/Hospitals.
  • Central and State Govt. hospital.
  • Primary Health Centres.
  • Polyclinics and Nursing Homes.
  • Private Hospitals .
  • Private Clinics.
  • Veterinary Hospitals and Colleges.
  • Industrial Establishment e.g. Naval Dockyard.
  • Armed Force Medical Services.
  • Scientific and Research Institutions.
  • Teaching Colleges/Hospitals of other Systems of Medicine (e.g. Homeopathy).

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