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Alison Free Online Courses make education easier

Alison is an e-learning service which is extremely famous all around the world. Alison offers free courses on literally anything. Courses do have certificates and are highly regarded. They have  courses from some of the names in education all around the world including Columbia University,Cambridge University, Yale University etc. Many consider Alison the first Massive Open Online Course(MOOC). The goal of Alison is to is to enable anyone, anywhere, at any time, to gain basic education and workplace skills for free. Alison was founded in Ireland in 2007 by entrepreneur, Mike Feerick. In just little over a decade Alison has now spread to 195 countries all over the world.  Alison presently offers around 1000 courses to 12 million registered learners. 1.5 million individuals have graduated from at least one course till now.


Presently the courses are offered at certificate and diploma level in almost ten languages.The certificate courses are usually short while the Diploma courses could be as long as 20 hours too. Alison doesn’t put a limit on how long someone can take to finish one course so the user can take as long as he or she wishes which makes it very convenient for people who are working or studying as they do a course online.


Other than the major universities and also top corporates like Google,Microsoft etc Alison also invites independent publishers to put up their courses. But they can only put it up if  they are fine with not getting any monetary benefit. Alison does not make you pay for any of the courses but uses a similar business model to television and radio. It focuses mostly on advertisements and sale of certificates and diplomas if the user chooses to buy one. Through this business model Alison sticks to its goal of equality and access to education and skills training irrespective of gender, geography, economic status or any other barriers. The Alison website talks about the reasoning behind the idea in these words:We believe that free education, more than anything, has the power to break through boundaries and transform lives.We believe that free education, more than anything, has the power to break through boundaries and transform lives.”


The courses are not in any particular format to give a more wholesome experience. Content for the courses are in video,audio,pdfs,presentations,webinars and almost any form possible. This makes it more convenient. Courses are available in fifteen major categories which covers all major skills available. Categories include Information Technology, Science,Humanities, Marketing, Health etc.There are more than a hundred subcategories to make your search for the perfect course more specific. The popular courses on the site include Diploma in Project Management,Introduction to Conversational English and Diploma in Graphic Design.


Alison has builts it’s name in the e-learning industry over the last few years. And with India slowly and steadily embracing the idea of online courses in this fast paced world where every extra skill you possess will push you forward in the race, Alison looks to make a huge market in India.


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