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Course on Animation Technology gives you plenty of career choices

School of Communication, Manipal Academy of Higher Education offers a unique certificate course on Animation Technology which throws open career options in various fields. It also gives you the chance to study at one of the best Institutes in the country.The course is a short 6 month course.


Manipal is considered one of the best Institutes in the country and most notably was ranked No.97 among BRICS Universities. The deemed to be university by the UGC houses almost 28,000 students from 58 different countries all over the world. Other than the University town of Manipal the Institute also has campuses in Bangalore,Mangalore,Dubai in UAE and also Melaka in Malaysia. The deemed to be university has a wide range of courses in numerous schools such as  health sciences, medicine, engineering, management, communication and humanities  


The certificate course on Animation Technology is more of a practical course and focus on learning by doing. A plenty assignments span the course and by the end of it you learn  structure of modules that will result in the creation 3D Art works. The course will also in the process help you make your portfolio which would be serve you for a lifetime. The instructors will teach from audiovisual support system classrooms and give you a hands on experience in graphic design and animation.


There are assignments for each subject and at the end each subject there will be an examination. The examination will require you to have a minimum of 75% attendance for the course. And also 40% marks in the internal assessment. The passing mark for the exam will also be 40%. The academy will also let you use free movie making software for your projects.

Admissions are presently open but won’t be for long.


The eligibility criteria is large allowing a bigger pool of people to apply to the course. Candidates with a pass in 10+2 or those pursuing BSc with Mathematics as one of the subjects or students of 3 years Diploma in Engineering can apply for this course. The course is 6 months long and is only part-time. There is no entrance exam for this course and the list of selected candidates will be put up on the website in order of merit.


The School of Communication, Manipal Academy of Higher Education is ranked No. 8 among Top Communication Institutes in the country. They also contain state of the art amenities including their own radio channel and a full fledged television studio. This course opens up a host of career opportunities to consider. Industries you can work in range from defense to comics. With animation technology now being wanted in almost all sectors career opportunities have increased. Architecture, forensics,advertising all are booming industries which require animation technology. Even industries such as archaeology,education and medical sciences can be considered. The fees for this certificate course is Rs.60,000 and is a one time payment.


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