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Anjuman-e-Islam Polytechnic, Gadag

Anjuman-e-Islam Polytechnic, Gadag is an AICTE approved college for polytechnic and government aided institution affiliated to Department of Technical Education, Bangalore situated at near Mallasamudra, Bangalore Road, Gadag, Karnataka. It was established in the year 1983 and is government-aided college.

The polytechnic has been built with a total land area of 80000 sq. feet in a widely spread 9 acres of land. The polytechnic is fully equipped with all the infrastructure in terms of the administrative section, office, classrooms, laboratories, library, computer center, playground, canteen etc.,. The polytechnic building is situated in an environmental friendly locale surrounded by a wind energy project. All the departments are housed in spacious and comfortable buildings. College is situated on the outskirts of the city about 4kms from Gadag on Bangalore road near Malasamudra village.

The main objective of this educational society is the welfare of the community at large and its development in the social, economical, educational & cultural field. To be one of premier polytechnic by achieving highest order of excellence in imparting technical knowledge and produce skilled manpower and contribute to the National development. Our mission is to offer high quality, competency-based, well structured diploma courses in Engineering & Technology and to post-secondary students and make the younger generation acquire knowledge and develop their skills besides learning the subjects of study so that they fit into a wider world to pursue a career socially, productively, meeting the challenge needs of the industry, society and the country.

This college offers polytechnic diploma course in India and ITI courses for technical education. 

Anjuman-e-Islam Polytechnic, Gadag is currently being offered in the following departments.

Sl. No Courses Intake
    1 Diploma in Architectural Assistantship    30
    2 Diploma in Civil Public Health & Environment Engineering    30
    3 Diploma in Civil Engineering    60
    4 Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering    60
    5 Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering    60
    6 Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering    60
    7 Diploma in Information Science & Technology    40
    8 Diploma in Mechanical Engineering    60
    9 Diploma in Mechatronics    40


1. Laboratory

                Well setup lab with updated apparatus & software

      2. Sports

      3. Internet

      4. Library

      5. Hostel

      6. Canteen

Anjuman-e-Islam Polytechnic,
Near Malasamudra
Bangalore road, Gadag – 582103
Contact no.: 08372237412
Email :

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